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Top Gear viewers call latest episode its 'worst ever'

Top Gear viewers call latest episode its 'worst ever'

Fans of the motoring series have been fairly vocal in their disappointment

In a sorry turn of events, viewers have blasted the most recent episode of Top Gear as the 'worst ever'.

It's safe to say that the hit motoring series has changed a lot since the days of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

I mean, for one thing, it's decidedly less controversial than its previous incarnation.

However, some of the show's fans have not been impressed with the quality under the stewardship of Paddy McGuinness, Chris Harris and Freddie Flintoff.

The latest episode saw Freddie sample the brutal motorsport of F1 stock cars, while Chris got behind the wheel of a Mercedes’ ‘F1 car for the road’.

The Phoenix Nights star also hade a little a drive around in a swanky new Range Rover.

But despite the top quality content, viewers weren't that impressed by it all, with many taking to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Replying to a post from Top Gear's account, one unhappy fan said: "Sorry to say probably the worst episode for a while."

Another chipped in: "Worst episode so far dull as f**k."

"Anyone else had the feeling that this series of Top Gear has been a bit dull so far?" asked a third.

Fans weren't impressed by a recent episode of Top Gear.

While another added: "I wish they'd go back in the studio and have celeb guests on and test drive new cars, super cars or just everyday normal ones. Have Stig put them round the track a swell."

Not everyone was so upset, though, as there were plenty who enjoyed the ep.

"Every week the same people watch #topgear then complain about it the new Top Gear is brilliant," said one.

Earlier this year, Jeremy Clarkson fired a brutal putdown at his Top Gear successor McGuinness following a spat on Twitter.

Clarkson asked 'what on Earth' had happened to Question of Sport, which is now also presented by McGuinness.

McGuinness replied: "The same thing that’s happened to Top Gear JC. New personnel, bigger ratings."

But Clarkson has stood by his assessment of the revamped show - which recently parted ways with host Sue Barker after 24 years - sharing a dig at her successor in the process.

Speaking to The Sun, the 62-year-old said: "I didn’t know who the man hosting Question of Sport was. I thought, ‘What the f**k am I watching? What is this programme?’

"A large number of people who I didn’t know were all shouting, ‘What has happened to Question of Sport?'

"And then it turned out the man in the middle of it all does Top Gear.”

Jeremy Clarkson hit out at the new Top Gear series recently.

Having apparently not known who McGuinness was, Clarkson said he subsequently did some research and concluded he seems 'nice enough' - but he stills thinks Question of Sport is a shadow of what it once was.

He continued: "It was only later that I realised that was Martin McGuinness, oh no he’s the IRA. Paddy McGuinness.

"I read a piece about him the other day, and he seems a nice enough chap but Christ, Question of Sport… it’s a long way from [former team captain] Bill Beaumont isn’t it?

"I don’t understand. Why would you want to change the format? It was so good."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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