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Barack Obama Lists Fleabag As A Favourite And Fans Make Awkward Link

Barack Obama Lists Fleabag As A Favourite And Fans Make Awkward Link

Fleabag fans, cast your mind back to episode one - around four minutes in - Phoebe Waller-Bridge's character can be seen masturbating to the very man who has listed the series as one of his 'favourites'.

Yes, that's right - Barack Obama himself has written that Fleabag has been one of the best when it comes to 2019 (kudos to Waller-Bridge and crew).

Yes, the 58-year-old has specified that he's talking about Season 2, however, he doesn't seem like the kinda bloke that would start something halfway through, does he now? Plus, he is talking about 2019 and season one dropped in 2016 so y'know - the guy ain't daft.


Which can only mean one thing, Barack Obama, the former President of the United States of America has watched someone get themselves off (well, almost) to one of his speeches. Wow.

As expected, fans quickly picked up on the not-so-subtle link between the show and the Obama.

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Another fan wrote: "Barack Obama watching Fleabag means that he has seen someone masturbate to his speeches and that makes me truly happy."

Someone else commented: "I wanna give everything I have to watch Barack Obama watch the first minute of Fleabag where the main character touches herself watching him. Everything I have!"

This is absolute gold. Barack Obama, what a guy.

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