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​Blake Harrison Wants Fans To Stop Shouting 'Bus W******s' At Random People

​Blake Harrison Wants Fans To Stop Shouting 'Bus W******s' At Random People

The line went on to be one of the show’s defining moments, but Harrison thinks people shouldn't shout it at others as it's not the 'nicest'

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison has said he wants fans to stop shouting 'bus w*****s' at random people, saying it's not the 'nicest' thing to repeat.

The coming-of-age sitcom only ran for three seasons over two years, but in its short lifespan it spawned countless one-liners that many of us still quote to this day.

Arguably one of the most memorable moments came when the gang were being driven to London by Simon, when Jay leaned out of the window and shouted 'bus w*****s' at a group of people queueing at the bus stop.

Naturally, that didn't go down too well - especially as the lads got stuck in a nearby queue of traffic just seconds later - but the catchphrase itself went on to be one of the show's defining moments.

Channel 4

But Harrison, who played Neil, doesn't feel that fans should follow Jay's example by shouting the line at people in public.

Harrison, 35, appeared on the Distraction Pieces podcast with Scroobius Pip, where he said: "It's weird because you think, 'Well I don't think I've given the world anything great...'

"It's like the word 'clunge'. Or people shouting 'bus w*****s' at people standing at bus stops.

"I kind of rather people didn't do that. It doesn't feel like the nicest or the best thing in the world to have contributed to."

Blake Harrison in 2018.

Harrison isn't against people quoting the show altogether, of course, admitting that he often finds it 'cool' hearing someone he admires or someone famous referencing a line.

He continued: "In terms of people using phrases, when it is someone very popular that comes out with a 'something friend' or whatever, you go, 'Well that is kinda cool. So you clearly liked the show and you might think I'm funny, that is really nice.'

"You can't not like that. You can't get fed up with that. That's really lovely."

While it's not particularly nice to shout Inbetweeners lines at random folk in the street, they can still sometimes make a good joke among friends.

James Buckley, who played Jay, will even read some out for you in a bespoke video message through Cameo.

His bio on the platform says: "I'll wish a friend happy birthday, maybe you want me to propose to your significant other 'Jay style' or perhaps you just want me to call someone bus w*****?"

To have Buckley read out a custom message, you'll just have to cough up £41.50 ($50).

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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