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Martin Compston Says Viewers Will 'Need Therapy' After This Week's Line Of Duty

Martin Compston Says Viewers Will 'Need Therapy' After This Week's Line Of Duty

The Line of Duty star issued a warning to fans following the dramatic cliff-hanger from the last episode

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd


Line of Duty star Martin Compston took to social media to warn viewers that they may 'need therapy' after Sunday night's upcoming episode.

Last Sunday we watched in shock as it was revealed that DCI Jo Davidson was related to someone whose DNA was already in the police database which, naturally, led to many theories as the credits rolled.

Now Compston - who plays DI Steve Arnott - issued a warning for viewers to brace themselves alongside an action photo of him wearing a bulletproof vest and police hat.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: "Episode 5 kicks off as stores re-open and there's a sale on waistcoats. In all seriousness though if you thought Ep 4 ended on a cliffhanger, you'll need therapy by the end of Ep5."


Replying to his post, one fan wrote: "Loved ep 4. Masterclass in writing. Terrific work by all brother."

Another added: "Jokes on you I've needed therapy since the end of the first episode," and a third commented: "All we are interested in is bent coppers. Neck's still not recovered from cranking it on Sunday to get a glimpse of who's on the next page."


It looks like Compston is teasing us week on week because last Saturday, he said that episode four would be the 'one of the best' that Line of Duty writer Jed Mercurio has ever done.

Taking to Twitter on 10 April, the actor wrote: "Tomorrow's the big one episode 4! On paper one of the best @jed_mercurio has ever written, if we deliver what was there potential to be a classic.

"Like to give a shout out to the young team Shalom and @gregorypiper98 who give outstanding performances in the midst of the madness."

To be fair to him, he wasn't wrong. There was a shootout scene, a bombshell retirement on the horizon for Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) which we're not letting ourselves believe will ever be a thing as well as the murder of Jimmy Lakewell...

It seems that still wasn't enough for Compston's dad either because on Sunday night he tweeted afterwards to let people know that the 'most important reviews' were in.

He wrote: "The most important reviews are in from my parents. My maw 'incredible son absolutely loved it' my Da 'it had an interview scene and car crash ya p****' keeps ye humble."

Line of Duty will air on Sunday night at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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