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Dark Fans Left Confused As Netflix Series Finally Reaches Its Conclusion

Dark Fans Left Confused As Netflix Series Finally Reaches Its Conclusion

The series has previously been dubbed a 'more disturbing version of Stranger Things'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd


Viewers of Netflix's Dark have been left baffled as the show finally reached its conclusion.

The series, which has been dubbed a 'darker version of Stranger Things', is set in the small German town of Winden, where two children go missing and the ensuing search for them 'opens abysses that turn the concept of time on its head'. Well, that's what Netflix says.


If you're hoping to avoid spoilers, now is the time to look away. If you're the type of person who likes to know the ending and work backwards - sort of makes sense for a time travel show, I suppose - then read on.

The third and final season of the show dropped on the streaming service last month, and fans watched on as Jonas and Martha undid the accident that caused the time machine to be made in the first place.

But as anyone who's ever thought way too much about paradoxes and logistics of time travel will know, this caused its own ripples in time - if no time machine was invented, the events we've seen in the show couldn't possibly have taken place.

Subsequently, this erased Martha and Jonas' existence - along with pretty much everything else that was happening.

Naturally, this left viewers utterly baffled, with one taking to Twitter to say: "Dark is literally the most amazing and complicated show I've ever watched and I'm still kinda confused after finishing it. I mean, look at this f**kin family tree can u please explain it to me?! like wtfff ur friend is actually ur great great great grandfather??!??!"

Another added: "Feeling v emotional after the final ep of #DarkNetflix - really beautiful end, big thumbs up. I won't deny I did get confused a lot but still a great plot with shades of everything from The Butterfly Effect to His Dark Materials."

A third fan commented: "I'm super excited to binge watch with my family... but I admit I'm bummed out because it's the last.

"This has been my very favourite series! Amazing acting, directing, the quality is amazing. The story line is was and is still so mind blowing and ORIGINAL!! Love Dark soooooo much!!!!"

Dark is available now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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