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Adopted 'child' who turned out to be 22-year-old's dad claims she was 'going to kill everyone' in confrontation

Adopted 'child' who turned out to be 22-year-old's dad claims she was 'going to kill everyone' in confrontation

She appears in an upcoming documentary where she's vowed to tell her side

The adopted dad of Natalia Grace - the woman accused of posing as a six-year-old girl while being an adult - has accused her of threatening to ‘kill everybody’ during an explosive confrontation.

Grace is set to tell her side of the bizarre story in a new documentary The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks, during which she comes face-to-face with her adopted dad who accuses her of threatening his family with a knife. You can see how it plays out here:

The unusual story, which has captivated the public for years, kicked off back in 2010, when husband and wife Kristine and Michael Barnett, from Indiana in the US, adopted Ukrainian-born Grace, believing her to be a little girl with a rare form of dwarfism.

However, the couple went on to allege that she was actually an adult posing as a child and that she had nefarious plans to harm them.

The Barnetts claimed she was a 'adult sociopath masquerading as a child' in a bizarre criminal case of fraud and said she had made several attempts to kill the couple.

After the couple left Grace on her own in an apartment in Layfette, Indiana, in 2013, authorities pushed 'neglect charges' onto both of them.

Natalia Grace was adopted by the Barnetts in 2010.
Investigation Discovery

Grace has continuously denied all of the allegations made against her and in 2019, told Dr. Phil: "It's not true. It's not true at all. I just want people to hear my side."

She’s now vowed to share her side of things in the new documentary, which is released next month.

In a trailer, Grace says: "In every lie is a hidden truth, but you gotta dig enough to be able to see it.

"This is my side of the story. Do I look like a monster to you?"

During the documentary, Grace confronts her adoptive father telling him: "I was never in y’all’s room with a knife.”

To which he replies: “You were going to kill everybody.”

After they deserted Natalia in an apartment in 2013, authorities pushed 'neglect charges' onto Kristine and Michael.
Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office/ID Discovery

A synopsis for The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks reads: "Picking up where the shocking finale of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace left off, Natalia Speaks dives headfirst into the questions, controversies, and secrets unearthed in the first instalment, but this time, Natalia shares her side of the story.

"The six-part docuseries will also showcase an extensive, emotional sit down between Natalia and adoptive father Michael Barnett as they sit face-to-face for the first time and come to terms with the accusations that have been thrown around in both directions."

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