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There's an unknown Osbourne sibling who moved out at 16 and never appeared on their TV show

There's an unknown Osbourne sibling who moved out at 16 and never appeared on their TV show

She's since spoken out about why she wasn't there

The 2000s seemed to be the time of reality TV shows, with the likes of I'm a Celeb, X Factor and The Biggest Loser well and truly having their heyday.

Among these was a particularly memorable series that centred around rock star and Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne and his chaotic family, titled The Osbournes.

The reality TV show first aired in 2002, running for four seasons and 52 episodes until ending in 2005.

It featured Ozzy himself alongside wife Sharon, daughter Kelly and son Jack, following all the shenanigans that the eccentric family got up to, and it all aired on MTV.

The Osbournes was a major success, as the family shot to fame with their foul mouths and overall chaotic home life.

Shot in their Los Angeles mansion for the duration of the show, the success catapulted each family member to other TV roles in the following years, including Sharon being a judge on X Factor, Kelly's role on Project Runway Junior and Jack's series Adrenaline Junkie.

However, there is actually another Osbourne sibling who was missing from the show as they chose not to be a part of the series and was often seen blurred out in photos.

Ozzy with son Jack on the first episode of the MTV series.

Aimee Osbourne is Ozzy and Sharon's eldest child, but chose to move out before filming for the series started, aged just 16.

She has since opened up on why she chose not to be a part of the show.

She told the Independent in 2020: “Back then, I still felt I was trying to figure out who I was in the chaos of family life.

“So why on earth would I want that portrayed on television? I wanted to protect myself, my parents, my siblings, too. They were very young, very impressionable."

Mother Sharon later revealed how upset she was when Aimee chose to move out, revealing on an episode of The Talk in 2018: “She felt too that she didn't want to grow up on camera.

“She hated the idea — it was appalling to her. And so she left at 16 and I regret every day that she did. It broke my heart when she moved."

Aimee Osbourne has pursued a music career since choosing not to be on 'The Osbournes'.
Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Aimee has become a singer and has also had a few acting stints in the years since the reality TV series.

Known as the lead singer of band ARO, she spoke to Cleveland in 2021 to reveal how she got into song-writing: “I started writing, secretly, as a teenager. I also would write a lot of poetry — I was always creative in that way, less academically inclined.

“My parents overheard me kind of singing in my room. It was a friend of my parents who said, 'Oh, you should come and stay with me and work with some producers and see what happens'."

Featured Image Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images/Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

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