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Alien shark sex tapes will be shown during Shark Week in never-before-seen footage

Alien shark sex tapes will be shown during Shark Week in never-before-seen footage

Two alien shark's were filmed mating for one of the programmes heading to Discovery Channel next week

Shark fanatics will know what is on the horizon next week... yep, that's right, Shark Week is once again making a return to Discovery for the 35th time.

Staring on 23 July and running till the 29 July, shark aficionados are in for a special treat with 20 hours of shark content to be broadcast throughout the week.

Part of that lengthy time will be filled by alien shark sex tapes, something I certainly didn't expect to be writing when I woke up this morning.

While we all know they do it, the sight of sharks mating is something that is not typically broadcasted on TV.

However, for those who do want to see it, Alien Sharks: Strange New Worlds on Discovery will provide it.

This is certainly an unexpected addition to Shark Week...
Discovery Channel

In the documentary, viewers will get the chance to learn about alien sharks, a species that doesn't often receive the same attention as compared to the likes of great whites and hammerheads.

Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante witnessed the shark's mating right in front of his eyes as he explored the deep ocean of the coast of South Africa.

In the video Galantes says that the female would drop her fertilised eggs on the seabed before baby sharks will spring into life in five-six months.

Ahead of the Discovery show, Galante spoke to TMZ about his underwater exploration, saying 'most of the ocean remains unexplored'.

He also pointed out he wanted to 'bring the spotlight’ onto the lesser-known sea creatures like the alien shark in his film.

But first of all, the wildlife biologist had to explain what exactly alien sharks are as they do sound made up, right?

Galante told TMZ: "This is not Discovery’s play on extra-terrestrials. This is alien being the descriptor for how unique, unusual, and bizarre these creatures are."

The mating will be shown on Discovery Channel next week.
Discovery Channel

In preview footage released ahead of Shark Week, it was initially thought that two alien sharks were fighting, but now it seems that certainly wasn't the case.

"They're not fighting, they're mating," Galante said.

It honestly looks like the two sharks are embarking on some kind of dance, though that really couldn't be further away from the truth.

"Look at how the male bites onto her and moves up her body," Galante said as all this was unfolding in front of his eyes.

Galante went on to tell TMZ he believes the footage of the two alien sharks mating is the first in the world.

Shark Week starts tomorrow (23 July) on the Discovery Channel.

Featured Image Credit: Discovery Channel/Warner Bros

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