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Antiques Roadshow guest refuses to sell Vivienne Westwood items after hearing mind-blowing valuation

Antiques Roadshow guest refuses to sell Vivienne Westwood items after hearing mind-blowing valuation

The man refused to part with his incredible collection despite receiving a tempting offer.

A guest on Antiques Roadshow incredibly refused to sell their Vivienne Westwood swag despite a mind-blowing valuation.

A diehard fan of the legendary fashion designer, known for her punk looks and stunning tailoring, brought their collection to the experts to find out how much it was worth.

He even trotted up to Claire Tole-Moir, the newest valuer on the BBC show, rocking one of his rare pieces.

Viewers quickly sensed the bloke was a fierce fashionista when he arrived in a coat from the last collection Viv ever worked on.

But he had plenty more where that came from, as a wowed Claire got to see firsthand.

The man brought a treasure trove of pieces on Antiques Roadshow that he had acquired over the last few decades.

And, of course, he had a heartwarming story about his journey to becoming an avid collector to go along with it.

The guest, who hailed from Birmingham, first unveiled an assortment of items from Vivienne's 1980s pirate collection.

He had a host of shirts, scarves, hats and boots from one of the designer's most famous releases.

Speaking to Claire, the man explained that he would save up cash for weeks before heading down to London to shop till he dropped.

The diehard Vivienne Westwood fan wowed Claire with his collection.

He said: "I used to come down to London on the coach, it was £10, save up my money for weeks and weeks and weeks, and buy a couple of things a month, and gradually put a look together."

The fashion fan praised the late designer for allowing people to establish their own 'identity' with her clothing.

Claire then became to delicately trawl through the items, taking special consideration of a Harris tweed jacket.

She explained the garment, from 1987, was inspired by 'uniforms worn at private schools'.

The expert then moved onto a funky Harris tweed crown, which was modelled off the Queen's Coronation crown.

Viewers then saw a pair of jeans that were from the same collection, which sported a satin tweed emblem.

Claire explained that this was a hallmark of Vivienne's work, which she began using at the time and continued to incorporate throughout her career.

After the usual pleasantries, she then delivered the news of how much the man's stockpile of vintage clobber was worth.

The man wowed viewers by refusing to part with his clobber despite a tempting offer.

She said: "In terms of value if you were to take all of this to auction, I wouldn’t be surprised if you would get around £10,000 to £15,000."

Cue gasps from the crowd and a shocked look on the guest's face.

But spectators jaws dropped even further when they heard the man's reaction to the extraordinary valuation.

He replied: "It’s not going to auction, because I still wear it."

Although the news may have broken the hearts of collectors across the globe, Claire heaped praise on the man.

She added: "You have kept it all in great condition, and you have had a lot of fun wearing it, and I think that’s what it was created for."

He then quipped: "It was never dressing up, it was just getting dressed."

I'm sure Vivienne will be smiling down on her avid supporter for keeping a tight grip on his incredible collection.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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