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BBC viewers demand reboot of most iconic kids show after characters reunite for new show

BBC viewers demand reboot of most iconic kids show after characters reunite for new show

What's the story in Balamory? It's been over 18 years since we knew!

What’s the story in Balamory? I mean, it’s been over 18 years since we had any stories come out of there.

And I know you’re already humming the theme tune now too. It’s one of the most iconic British kids' TV shows of our generation. No debate.

And now BBC viewers are demanding the Scottish programme gets a reboot.

If you somehow went through your childhood without Balamory, let me fill you in.

The iconic show was set in a fictional little island off Scotland’s west coast, named Balamory.

With eight main characters, they each wore a distinctive colour and had a house to match.

There was of course the likes of nursery teacher Miss Hoolie, shop runner Suzie Sweet, policeman PC Plum and bus driver Edie McCredie.

First shown on CBeebies and BBC One back in 2002, Balamory had four seasons before coming to an end in 2005.

And sure, you could say I’m living in the past, but the show was an absolute banger. Let’s be real here.

So, it’s no surprise people are calling for a Balamory reboot to be honest.

What's the story?

These demands recently sparked up again as two of the stars reunited for a different TV show.

Andrew Agnew who played who played Balamory’s policeman and Julie Wilson Nimmo (Miss Hoolie, obvs) are appearing in a BBC Scotland show called Olga da Polga.

The pair made a little clip for the CBeebies Instagram account, dressed as a wizard and cat.

Julie said: “Do you think anyone will spy us?”

And Andrew asked: “Do you think anyone will recognise us?

“We have aged slightly!”

And real-life Miss Hoolie added: “We can’t be that old.”

Unsurprisingly, people did recognise them as they asked: “What’s the story in Balamory????”

Miss Hoolie.

While many asked for the BBC to add more episodes of the legendary show to iPlayer, one person simply put: “We need a Balamory reboot.”

Another reminisced: “Core memory UNLOCKED: I'm pc pluuuuum and I'll tell you what I've done...”

Someone else commented: “There’s my nostalgia right in front of me! Was a big die hard fan of Balamory (yes - even Me Too! as well) growing up!”

The CBeebies account responded to fans to tell them 25 episodes of the show are on iPlayer so people can ‘pass on the earworm to the next gen’.

But how great would a cheeky little reboot of the show be over 20 years since it was first released?

‘Wouldn’t you like to know!’

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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