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BBC viewers were left in fits of laughter after random people hijacked a live feed in the background of a news broadcast.

The hilarious moment was first highlighted by TV critic and broadcaster, Scott Bryan, who shared the clip to Twitter.

The BBC clip shows a news presenter discussing plans for a UK car battery factory to be built.

Usually this isn't the sort of news that gets viewer's eyes glued to the screen.

But something over the journalist's shoulder got plenty of people talking.

The BBC feed was crashed by a series of random people.

A live feed to Washington DC could be seen, presumably set up for guests who would be interviewed from the states.

Although it was empty, it was soon going to be a hive of activity.

One by one, random people walked into shot, mugged the camera and then proceeded to run away.

Some proceeded to wave at the camera, whilst others merely gave their cheesiest grin.

It's not exactly clear who these people are, although many appeared to be wearing lanyards.

Fortunately the gate crashers kept their interruptions family friendly so there were no obscene gestures or anything that would warrant a public apology.

It was the equivalent of when members of the public harass a correspondent whilst they're on the scene.

Twitter users had a lot to say about the amusing cameo appearances.

One tweeted: "That’s a live feed from the Washington DC bureau, I think. It would be 11.23am at this point – it’s plausible that these people are studio visitors.

"But surely there’s a need for BBC News to *not* broadcast live international studio feeds without reason?"

Another wrote: "Love this. Hope none of them get into trouble. World needs more of this," whilst another remarked: "Surely this is why we all watch the news channel???"

Quite, not for those pesky world affairs.

The BBC live feed was disrupted by several people.

Another fan lamented the missed opportunities: "I want their job stat! Although, not one of them attempted the ‘walking down the stairs’ schtick.

"Poor use of humour & imagination imo [In my opinion]."

However, not everyone was so amused.

One critic fumed: "It is a bit cringe and embarrassing, sorry to be a party pooper but need fur bit more slick production. I don’t get the shoe cupboard crammed into a wall of screens and crammed to a monitor you can barely focus on the screen."

A fellow 'party pooper' wrote: "They should all be sacked. Awful decline of BBC News."

LADbible have reached out to the BBC for comment.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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