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David Beckham Netflix producer previously apologised for his behaviour on Friends set

David Beckham Netflix producer previously apologised for his behaviour on Friends set

Beckham director Fisher Stevens apologised for his behaviour on the set of Friends back in the 1990s

The director of the latest Netflix smash documentary about the Beckham family once apologised for his behaviour on the set of Friends after he was employed as an actor on the show.

Fisher Stevens has had a hell of a career, appearing as an actor in some of the world’s biggest films and TV shows, as well as finding critical acclaim as a documentary filmmaker.

He’s worked with Wes Anderson a bunch of times, featured in shows like Lost, The Good Fight, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and – recently – Succession, and won an Academy Award for his film The Cove.

Fisher Stevens at the premiere of Beckham.
Michael Marsland/Getty

Now, he’s enjoyed another hit with Beckham, his Netflix four-parter about David and Victoria Beckham and their family, telling stories from both inside and outside of David’s illustrious career, as well as shining a spotlight on the couple’s relationship and family life.

There have been a number of revelations to come out of the series, including that Victoria – famously known as Posh Spice – believes that she grew up working class, the truth behind a changing room incident between Becks and Sir Alex Ferguson, and the darkest times of their marriage when David was accused of an affair in the mid-2000s.

However, there’s another revelation that has resurfaced, and this time it concerns the director of the series, Stevens.

Stevens was once asked to appear in an episode of Friends, but – in his own words – acted like a ‘d***’ throughout, to the point where he later apologised for his attitude.

He played a boyfriend of Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) called Roger, who ended up acting like an A-hole to all of the main characters at some point.

However, it wasn’t just whilst the cameras were rolling.

Fisher Stevens in Friends.

Speaking a while ago on PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing, Stevens said: "At that moment in my career, I had never done a sitcom before,

"I had never heard of Friends because it was just the beginning of the show and I didn't watch TV at the time much."

After cramming his lines, Stevens flew to Los Angeles – yes, that’s where it was filmed – to shoot the episode, but found out along the way that much of the script had changed.

"Because that's what sitcoms did,” he continued.

“And I didn't know that,

"I was kind of an a**hole, I have to admit.

“’What do you mean? So I have to relearn lines that you've written that are worse than what you'd originally written?'

“Yeah, I was a d***. I've rarely seen any of those people on Friends again, but I'm sure if you asked them about me, they would go, 'What a New York snob.'"

Hey, at least he admits it and is prepared to hold his hands up.

Stevens concluded: "Yeah, I'm sorry guys. I'm sorry I was a d*** to you all,

"I apologise.

“I was bad, I was wrong."

We’re sure they’re over it by this point, anyway.

Featured Image Credit: NBC/Netflix

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