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Viewers can't stop watching 'one of best series of all time' that's left people 'genuinely creeped' since watching

Viewers can't stop watching 'one of best series of all time' that's left people 'genuinely creeped' since watching

Eager fans are waiting to binge the latest season of the show

We’ve all got our favourite shows, from dramas and thrillers to sitcoms and romances.

And, more than likely, we’ll all refer to one of them as the ‘best series of all time’. Because, let’s be honest, it’s totally subjective – just because you think Baby Reindeer is the best Netflix show ever probably doesn’t mean your Bridgerton-loving nan does too.

But regardless, one, perhaps lesser-known, TV series is being tipped as the ‘best of all time’ by plenty of fans on our Netflix Bangers group.

Although, it’s not actually available to watch on the streaming site, you’ll have to stream it on NOW TV.

Leaving people ‘genuinely creeped’ after watching it, the show is from the executive producers of Lost so you can count on it being a good binge.

Originally premiering back in 2022 and with a third season set to land this year, FROM is a science-fiction horror series created by John Griffin.

And it’s no surprised it’s had viewers so unnerved as it’s set in a ‘nightmarish town’ in Middle America that ‘traps those who enter’.

Imprisoned there, the unwilling residents try to stay alive while desperately seeking a way out.

Oh, and they must also survive the ‘terrifying nocturnal creatures’ in the forest that surrounds them as well as all the ‘secrets hidden in the town’.

It's from the creators of Lost. (Epix)
It's from the creators of Lost. (Epix)

From stars the likes of Harold Perrineau, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Elizabeth Saunders, Ricky He and Shaun Majumder.

And it’s widely praised by viewers, with an impressing 94 percent score on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer and an 85 percent average audience score.

Fans on our Facebook group are urging others to watch the series, saying it’s ‘totally worth it’.

“I have been waiting for season three to be annoyed by the CLIFF HANGERS and weekly episodes. This series is a BINGE series… it will drive you nuts if you have to wait a week between episodes,” one wrote.

It's not one for horror haters. (Epix)
It's not one for horror haters. (Epix)

Another said: “It’s probably one of the rare new horrors that has genuinely creeped me out.”

Others put: “One of the best of all time I wish I could watch it for the first time again.”

Although, one did say: “It’s one of my favourites. But I’ll be honest, you’ll either love it, or hate it.”

You can stream seasons one and two of From on NOW, with the third season set to premiere this year.

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