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Incredible story on Big Brother housemates' reaction to ‘David’s Dead’ moment as iconic scene turns 8 years old

Incredible story on Big Brother housemates' reaction to ‘David’s Dead’ moment as iconic scene turns 8 years old

It has been eight years since a certain iconic moment in the Big Brother house that confused housemates and viewers alike.

One of the most iconic scenes in reality TV show history turns eight years old this week, coinciding with the death of a legend of music.

Can you guess what the scene is?

For Big Brother fans, the announcement of David Bowie's death will bring back memories of one of the most confusing and unbelievable moments on the show, which can be viewed below:

David Bowie died from liver cancer on 10 January 2016, and his ex-spouse Angie Bowie was told the news while she was in the Big Brother house, starring in season 17 of the series' celebrity edition.

Angie was in the house with the likes of Gemma Collins, Scotty T and Daniella Westbrook when the news broke, and she was left in complete shock when the producers chose to let her know.

Upon finding out, she chose to quietly share her grievance with Tiffany Pollard, another contestant, whispering: "David's dead."

It was one of the most chaotic moments in Big Brother history.
Channel 5

At the same time, producer David Gest was unwell and resting in bed, so Tiffany assumed Angie was talking about him and completely broke down.

Tiffany then refused to keep the information a secret as she had promised, running to her housemates and announcing: "I can’t keep it a secret, she told me not to tell anybody. She told me something and I have to say it. I’m not able to not say anything."

Following her announcement, housemates ran to Gest's bed to check on him, finding him slightly unwell, but alive.

Angie then explained that it was a huge mix-up, saying "David...My ex-husband!"

Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley has also revealed that he thought the moment was fake, underlining just how unbelievable it seemed.

Tragically, Gest did die from a stroke in 2016, just a few months after his Big Brother appearance.

Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley thought the moment was fake.
Channel 5

Fans of the reality TV series have come out on X and revealed how they felt while watching the broadcast, with one fan saying: "I genuinely count myself lucky I watched it as it broadcast. I was there for this iconic moment. And I remember cackling. What. A. Series."

Another fan said: "One of the best Big Brother moments EVER!!"

One fan of the show also highlighted just how perfectly the stars aligned for the moment: "The idea of being in the Big Brother house with someone named David who has been unwell and saying “David’s dead” with no elaboration is *chef’s kiss*."

Will there ever be a more iconic Big Brother moment?

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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