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Man behind most recognisable voice in the UK returns to our screens tonight

Man behind most recognisable voice in the UK returns to our screens tonight

You know his voice, though maybe not his name

There are some voices you can hear and know immediately who's talking and what they're on about.

It's not really a nature documentary unless Sir David Attenborough is telling you what's going on and you're not really taking the tube unless you hear the 'mind the gap' announcement, whether it be the new one or the one that only plays at Embankment.

With that in mind there's one iconic voice returning to our TVs tonight who you'll all be able to recognise in an instant and have probably pretended to be a few times.

Have you guessed who it is by now? Watch him in action here:

Yes, that's actor Marcus Bentley who for years has provided the narration to every bit of drama witnessed on Big Brother.

For years he's been saying things like 'day 23 in the Big Brother house, some of the housemates are outside' to punctuate the reality show where a bunch of strangers have to live in a house they can't leave while their every move is filmed.

While Big Brother first appeared on Channel 4 it later hopped over to Channel 5 and has now ended up on ITV 2, though the opening episode will also be on ITV 1 tonight just for the big launch.

Marcus Bentley, Big Brother narrator.

It really wouldn't be Big Brother without Bentley narrating each twist and turn of the drama and there really is no better voice in the world for narrating people's behaviour.

You've almost certainly had a go at copying his voice at some point, especially if you've decided to narrate your friends for a bit of a laugh.

It's either Bentley or cracking out your best Attenborough impression, and when it comes to human behaviour the Geordie wins the day.

Those dulcet tones carried Big Brother viewers through years of the show and frankly it would be impossible to imagine what it'd be like without Bentley.

Possibly his greatest moment was when Big Brother challenged the housemates to 'ignore the obvious', leading to Bentley going inside the house armed with a microphone and watch.

He got the job because producers liked the way he said the word 'chickens'.

He then proceeded to keep announcing the time and narrate what the housemates were doing just like he did for the show, only now everyone he was talking about could see and hear him.

Bentley first landed the job in 2000 because of the way he said the phrase 'Darren is in the garden feeding the chickens' (you know his voice, I bet you know exactly what that would sound like) and the rest is TV history.

He's announced what day it is in the Big Brother house over 2,000 times in his career and he'll get to record his lines from home.

Big Brother: The Launch will be shown on ITV 1 and ITV 2 at 9pm, and will continue to be shown on ITV 2 thereafter.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/marcusthevoicebentley

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