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List of rules celebrities must follow as they enter Big Brother house

List of rules celebrities must follow as they enter Big Brother house

There's a whole list of rules they must obey otherwise they'll face punishment from Big Brother

After what felt like forever, Big Brother finally returned to our screens last year and now the Celebrity version is also about to be back.

It’ll be the first time a bunch of stars have shacked up in the Big Brother house since 2018 - and it’s set to be quite the mix of stars.

The line-up for the ITV show was revealed this week with The Sun reporting 12 celebs including the likes of Love Island’s Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Levi Roots and Ibiza Weekender star David Potts were all set to feature.

There’s even the rumour that both Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne will be in the Celebrity Big Brother mix, although ITV haven’t confirmed anything.

The broadcaster told LADbible: “Any names are at this point pure speculation and viewers will have to tune in to see who will be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.”

But there’s not long to go until then and while it might sound fun to be in a big house and getting paid to be there, there’s a list of rules the celebrities must follow according to The Big Blagger.


No contact with the outside world.

While in the house, the stars aren’t allowed any access to the internet, newspapers, TVs, radio or magazines. They can’t have any phone calls or conversations with anyone outside the house except for Big Brother – who will not tell them anything about the outside world or how they’re being shown on TV. The housemates also aren’t allowed to make attempts to communicate personal messages with the outside.

Filming and microphones

Housemates are filmed 24 hours a day and have to wear personal microphones at all times – except for while sleeping, showering or bathing. They are forbidden from trying to interfere with cameras or sound equipment.

The Diary Room

It’s compulsory for Housemates to visit the Diary Room and all conversations in there are expected to be kept confidential. This is the only place where Big Brother will engage in conversation with the stars and while in there they cannot smoke, eat or wear sunglasses or hats unless pre-agreed.

Celebrity Big Brother has produced some memorable moments in previous series.
Channel 4

Nominations and Evictions

When asked, housemates must give nominations for evictions. They must also give ‘frank and valid reasons’. They cannot nominate themselves – or inanimate objects. Housemates are also banned from discussing nominations with each other.

The public decide who is evicted

Nominees must pack all their things on each eviction day and the evictee must leave when instructed.

Unacceptable behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour will have consequences.

This behaviour includes violence, anything that could serious offence, bullying, harassment, abusive behaviour, dangerous actions, saying anything which is calculated to cause problems for the show, damaging the house or contents and making reckless allegations.

The Housemates must follow the rules whether they like it or not.
Channel 5

Interventions and punishments

Big Brother may remove housemates from the house for breaking any rules or behaving in an unacceptable manner. The celebrities may face warnings and interventions for unacceptable events.


Any tasks or challenges set by Big Brother are compulsory, from physical to mental challenges. If they do not participate, they will be punished and may even be removed from the house.


Housemates are responsible for looking after the house, garden and contents. The stars mustn’t move furniture or mess with any of the fixtures and fittings. They typically get given a Welcome Pack which they must follow.

It's nearly time for the return.
Channel 5

The Alarm

Every morning, Big Brother will wake the stars up with an alarm and when this sounds, they must wake up and sit up. It’ll carry on going until they’re all up. And even worse, if anyone falls asleep during the day, the alarm will go off again.

Chatting about other series

No matter who of their mates have taken part, the housemates aren’t allowed to discuss any previous series of Big Brother or anything to do with production or being booked for the show – including their fees.

Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time

Ultimately Big Brother is totally in charge. Their decision is final.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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