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Channel 4 viewers hit out at ‘tone deaf’ series about UK pet owners

Channel 4 viewers hit out at ‘tone deaf’ series about UK pet owners

Channel 4's Fur Babies hasn't gone down too well with viewers

Channel 4 is in the doghouse with viewers who have tuned into its new series about UK pet owners.

The broadcaster commissioned the four-part documentary Fur Babies last year, expecting the bundles of fluff to appeal to Brits' softer side and for the programme to be a hit.

It follows the journey of animal owners navigating their pets through pregnancy and birth - a bit like One Born Every Minute, but focusing on our four-legged friends.

Vets James Greenwood and Bolu Eso are on standby with the latest technology and expert knowledge to help those with an expectant cat, dog or guinea pig.

Despite witnessing hundreds of deliveries, the pair say it is still always a 'refreshing experience' each time which 'makes them well up with emotion'.

But viewers don't share the same sentiment as the animal experts after sitting down to watch the Channel 4 show.

Greenwood had warned that pet pregnancy is 'not always an easy road' when Fur Babies was first announced in 2022.

He said: "We want to highlight the ups and downs of pet pregnancies and show how important it is for families that are thinking of breeding their pets to do so under the guidance and support of their vets.

"We’ve seen first-hand the upsetting consequences of unscrupulous pet breeding over the past few years."

Fur Babies follows pets through the journey of pregnancy and birth.
Channel 4

Eso also added: "It’s exciting to be part of a programme that’s focusing on the nuances of pet ownership and here we are first hand, able to showcase the marvel of pet pregnancies but also demonstrate all the factors that contribute to breeding our pets responsibly."

But Fur Babies has been slammed as 'tone deaf' by social media users who called for Brits to boycott the programme.

Some people accused the documentary of 'promoting breeding' at a time of year when animal shelters are fit to bust.

One said: "Seriously? @Channel4 Who's bright idea was this? A whole series dedicated to breeding dogs/cats, when rescues are literally overrun with unwanted pets? Promoting breeding is disgraceful at any time, but especially now with Christmas coming too!"

Another wrote: "I can't believe what I'm watching..... seriously Channel 4, what were you thinking?"

A third added: "Rescues are over flowing with unwanted pets and #Channel4 think it is a good idea to make a programme called #FurBabies about breeding. Wicked and irresponsible."

Viewers have accused Channel 4 of promoting breeding with the show.
Channel 4

A fourth commented: "Good Grief #Channel4 what were you thinking? Promoting breeding when UK rescue is on its knees? You've lost the plot."

And a fifth chimed in: "How tone-deaf of @Channel4 to host a show about breeding cats and dogs, particularly at this time of year when rescue centres are overrun with abandoned pets."

Animal rights organisation PETA UK also shared its thoughts on Fur Babies in a post on X (Twitter) amid the ongoing backlash.

It said: "What was @Channel4 thinking?#FurBabies is promoting animal breeding while shelters are packed with unwanted dogs and cats.

"Every time someone breeds or buys, an animal in a shelter loses their chance at finding a home. #AdoptDontShop."

Channel 4 told a disgruntled viewer the series 'provides a unique perspective around the strength of the mutual bond between owners of pets'.

It added: "The series does not condone breeding animals for sale and the animals featured came through an online application process with the prerequisite being the pet should already be expecting."

LADbible have contacted Channel 4 for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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