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David Attenborough producers actually intervened to save animals in one extremely rare case

David Attenborough producers actually intervened to save animals in one extremely rare case

The animals were in big trouble - so the crew decided to step in

David Attenborough producers were once forced to intervened to save animals during programming.

This is usually a no-go for wildlife observers who are normally restricted to filming and nothing else.

However, in an episode of Attenborough's series Dynasties, filming crew felt they had no choice but to step in and help these struggling penguins.

Watch below:

The 2018 episode saw a number of penguins who appeared to be stuck in a ravine.

Sadly, some of them had already died in what was a heartbreaking scene for viewers and producers alike.

Instead of just letting the penguins die, the crew decided to offer a helping hand.

Much to the relief of viewers, they decided to try and save the birds, in what has been described by BBC Earth as an 'unprecedented move'.

The Dynasties crew took to the ravine and dug some steps which they hoped the penguins would then use to get out.

The penguins were in trouble. (BBC)
The penguins were in trouble. (BBC)

Thankfully, their plan worked, and the penguins waddled their way over and managed to escape.

Despite reflecting on the 'no interference' rule as an important factor when filming animals, veteran wildlife cameraman Doug Allan applauded the Dynasties film crew's actions - highlighting the crew didn't physically move or touch the penguins themselves, but simply gave them an alternative pathway.

He told The Guardian: "Interfering or not is a decision based on what you’re seeing at the time. To interfere on a predation event is definitely wrong but, in this situation, they didn’t spook the penguins. All they did was create an escape route for them.

"I certainly think, in that case, what they did was entirely justifiable and entirely understandable. I would have done the same thing in their situation."

The crew had to step in. (BBC)
The crew had to step in. (BBC)

The series may have aired a while ago, but social media users are still in awe over the heart-wrenching scenes.

TikToker @avdolsenior shared a clip from the programme, calling the film crew 'wholesome' and it didn't take long for people to flood to the comments.

One user said: "I disagree entirely with the no interference rule. We can be shepherds for life on this planet if we choose to be."

"No interference? They were just making steps for themselves to use and cross, the penguins just happen to use them," another added.

And a third resolved: "Humans cause far more death in the world than these guys saving a few penguins.

"We should help at every chance we are given."

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/WWF/BBC

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