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David Jason admits he 'would love' Only Fools and Horses return

David Jason admits he 'would love' Only Fools and Horses return

The iconic BBC sitcom ran for over 20 years

In the age of streaming services, there seems to be no shortage of TV shows making a comeback.

Fans seem to get a kick out of familiar faces making a return to the small screen.

Only Fools and Horses has yet to have received the revival treatment, but don't rule it out just yet.

Star Sir David Jason has been a national treasure ever since he played Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter in the iconic BBC sitcom.

The show, which aired between 1981 and 2003, followed Trotter and his brother Rodney in their attempts to become millionaires by wheelin' and dealin' down the market.

Speaking on whether or not the show could return, Jason, 83, said: "I don’t think we could do another episode of Only Fools And Horses because the brains behind it, Mr John Sullivan, is unfortunately no longer with us."

Sullivan passed away in 2011 at the age of 64.

Derek and Rodney Trotter entertained audiences for over twenty years.

Jason said: "To be honest with you, we would like [more Only Fools and Horses] to happen very much because not only did we enjoy it so much, but so did most of the British public. Because of that, we would love to do it."

Admittedly, the return of the show isn't a guaranteed thing by any stretch.

One factor that could have proven tricky was the fractious relationship Jason shared with his co-star Nicholas Lyndhurst, who played Rodney.

Although the two initially appeared close, it came out in 2017 that the two had rowed ferociously.

Sir David Jason played Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter for over twenty years.

Things got so heated that Lyndhurst had threatened to quit the show.

Reflecting on the war of words, Jason said: "Looking back, I think it was boredom that led to the almighty row, a truly monumental shouting match between my co-star Nicholas Lyndhurst and me back in 1986; the only time, I can honestly report, that this happened in the entire course of Only Fools And Horses."

He added: "It had started during the morning in the caravan we shared whenever we were filming.

"Words were exchanged and, I'm afraid to say, one or two loose items that happened to be at hand were flung angrily against the walls."

The spat culminated in Lyndhurst shouting: "That's it! I've had it! I'm not working with him any more."

It was so bad that Sullivan was called to the stage to intervene.

But he soon clocked on to the truth.

Jason recalled: "Fortunately for him, a second call reached him just before he left. Nick and I had cracked. The whole thing had been a huge wind-up — a staged spat, planned by the pair of us during a quiet moment in the caravan at the start of the day."

Well, there's one celeb feud you can mark as 'debunked'.

Only Fools and Horses ran for seven seasons and ran a number of feature length episodes and Christmas specials.

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