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David Tennant plays one of his most 'sick and twisted' roles in a Marvel series

David Tennant plays one of his most 'sick and twisted' roles in a Marvel series

Fans say he's Marvel's 'most genuinely terrifying' villain

There are certain British actors us viewers just can’t get enough of, and without a doubt, David Tennant is one of them.

From playing the ‘creepy’ lead in Deadwater Fell to recently returning to Dr Who, the bloke has appeared as all sorts of characters.

But Tennant’s most ‘sick and twisted’ role is said to be that in a popular Marvel series.

The Scot plays the villain in the show which originally began in Netflix in 2015 before moving to Disney+ in 2022. Watch the trailer here:

Tennant plays Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, a particularly evil Marvel villain also known as Purple Man.

The series follows Jones (played by Krysten Ritter) who decides to become a private investigator after her brief superhero career ended in tragedy when Kilgrave caused her to kill someone.

And as she tries to rebuild her life in New York, the villain resurfaces from the dead, tormenting her once again.

Tennant spoke to Vanity Fair about the evil character back in 2015 as he said: “I think there’s something rather chilling about him.

“He’s not particularly interested in world domination, or accruing vast amounts of wealth, or destroying the Fantastic Four, or whatever it might be.

His character is truly evil.

"He’s just out to get what he can and he has this extraordinary ability which means that he has a certain indestructibility, really.”

The star also discussed just why viewers might find Purple Man so horrifying – because of his ability to have people obey his every command.

“Of course, that’s something that we all slightly, perhaps at times, start to fantasize about,” Tennant said. “Maybe that’s why he’s particularly terrifying to people.”

X users raved about his performance in the show, as they wrote: “David Tennant is excellent as the evil, twisted Kilgrave in the excellent Jessica Jones TV Series.”

People say Kilgrave is the 'most terrifying'.

Another put: “Jessica Jones is such a good show so far. David Tennant is one sick f**k already, love it.”

Others called him ‘sick and twisted’ as people said the show has ‘the best villains performance in the entire MCU’ from him.”

And one said: “David Tennant’s Kilgrave from Jessica Jones is still the most genuinely terrifying Marvel villain on screen.”

Jessica Jones ran for three seasons on Netflix before being cancelled in February 2019. All Marvel Netflix series were later removed from the site in 2022 after Disney regained the license for them.

You can now watch Jessica Jones on Disney+.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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