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Deadliest Catch fans left worried after noticing major change to show in new series

Deadliest Catch fans left worried after noticing major change to show in new series

The highly-anticipated show is back for season 20

Deadliest Catch fans got an unwanted surprise after noticing a major change to the show in the new series.

The highly anticipated 20th season is finally here as many familiar faces have seemingly returned.

Sig Hansen, Jake Anderson, Steve ‘Harley’ Davidson and ‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski are back to crab fish their way out of danger on the Discovery Channel show, which has been going since 2005. Here's the new trailer below:

“I mean, we're fishing anyway — we’re not going to do anything else — and for me, it's kind of fun to do the show as well because with fishing, one year or one season to the next, you just don't know what's going to happen,” Hansen told PEOPLE.

“Expect the unexpected, right? This is more than just fishing to make money, it's a race against time," he adds in a teaser for the new season.

"This year, we have to fish like every string is the last string we're ever gonna set," another captain is heard saying.

However, eagle-eyed viewers can't seem to spot one of the show’s most famous fishing vessels in the clip.

The iconic F/V Saga. (
The iconic F/V Saga. (

That's right, the F/V Saga that's appeared since the pilot is nowhere to be seen with Jake Anderson, Sophia ‘Bob’ Nielsen, and Sean Dwyer no longer appearing as its crew.

Taking to Reddit, one viewer said: “I wonder what this means for Jake?”

“That’s really sad,” another wrote, as a third said that this 'sucked'.

Despite the loss, Hansen has said that his life has completely changed since the show.

“Before the program, my life was strictly fishing, that's it,” he told the outlet. “I mean, I didn't know how the world existed around me at all.

“It just showed me differences in the world, and even in the television industry, I get to see how things work.”

The captain admits that having 'camera guys on the boat' is a 'love-hate relationship'.

It's been an emotional rollercoaster for Hansen. (Discovery)
It's been an emotional rollercoaster for Hansen. (Discovery)

“It's not easy to do that job. It's very difficult and it's stressful,” he added.

“I think that's one of the main reasons we’ve been on there for 20 years, they haven't replaced us or looked for other boats.

“I think it's because my recipe’s always been fishing first, cameras second. That priority, I think, is what really helped me.”

All in all, he said the show has produced 'a lot of good memories and a lot of painful ones too'.

Deadliest Catch returns with a two-hour premiere on Tuesday (June 11) on Discovery Channel.

Featured Image Credit: Discovery UK/YouTube

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