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Magician Dynamo to be 'killed' live on TV in chilling burial

Magician Dynamo to be 'killed' live on TV in chilling burial

The iconic magician plans to bury himself alive on his next TV special

Iconic magician Dynamo is set to be 'killed' live on TV in his upcoming special Dynamo is Dead, though you could probably have worked that out yourselves from the title.

A new two hour special from Dynamo will be broadcast live in a month's time with the grand finale featuring the magic man himself being 'killed by his creator' as he buries himself alive.

Check out a first look:

Over the years, Dynamo has pulled off an incredible list of amazing tricks, including walking on water and slipping through the US border wall with Mexico.

He's made plenty of special episodes in his time but his new one is the rather morbidly titled Dynamo is Dead, which promises to audiences that he'll be digging his own grave.

The Bradford-born magician, real name Steven Frayne, will take viewers on a journey 'of both loss and hope' over the course of the live two-hour special.

Dynamo's next show will end with him burying himself alive for Dynamo is Dead.

The live show will feature conversations with the likes of Tyson Fury, Demi Lovato, Coldplay, Cara Delevigne and Steven Bartlett.

Dynamo 'hit rock bottom after challenging battles with his mental health and the loss of his identity', but drew strength from sharing his story of recovery and rebirth.

Now, he's moving onto 'the next phase of his life and career', but to do that he's got to get to his grand finale where he'll dramatically lay Dynamo to rest.

While he's no stranger to performing amazing and sometimes seemingly impossible stunts, Dynamo burying himself alive live on TV might be his toughest magic trick yet.

Fans of the incredible magician were at first horrified and then intrigued when they saw the words Dynamo is Dead, as they took a second to get over the initial shock that he might have died.

Dynamo is Dead, 14 December, save the date.

"Man I almost had a f**king heart attack," one wrote, prompting Sky to apologise for the scare.

There's plenty of excitement around the announcement for Dynamo's new special as he posted the teaser online, and there was a huge wave of interest.

People have said 'this is going to be crazy', while others have told him they're 'looking forward to seeing your next chapter'.

His fans called him 'the greatest' they'd ever seen, while others urged him to 'take care' out of concern.

"THIS IS SO WEIRD BUT SUSPENSEFUL I LOVE IT," another fan of Dynamo's wrote, so it's safe to say people are pretty hyped for what's coming next month.

Dynamo is Dead will be available to watch live on Sky Max and streaming service NOW on 14 December.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Tim P Whitby Sky

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