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Fans convinced Chandler and Monica moved into the Home Alone house in Friends

Fans convinced Chandler and Monica moved into the Home Alone house in Friends

Someone has done a bit of detective work to try and prove it's the same house

Eagle-eyed Friends' fans reckon that Monica and Chandler moved into the house from Home Alone.

Cast your mind back to the end of the long-running sitcom and we saw Monica (played by Courteney Cox) and Chandler (played by the late Matthew Perry) get the happy ever after they deserved after adopting twin babies and moving out of their iconic New York apartment into a big house in the suburbs.

You can see the theory about where else you may have seen that house here:

Well, it turns out that the house may be the very same one in which we saw the sadistic Kevin McCallister torture the Wet Bandits after finding himself stranded home alone when his family all flew off to Paris on a Christmas trip.

While it may sound like an outlandish theory, TikToker @kazascoot has done a bit of solid detective work and managed to spot a couple of big signs it's the same gaff.

Although the McCallisters lived in Chicago, and Monica and Chandler stayed in New York, you can see from windows of the Bings' future home that the surroundings were the same as in Home Alone.

As shown in the clip above, if you take a look at the window view from the Bings' living room, you'll notice a blue garage, which matches the same garage from the 90s film.


If that's not enough proof, if you look at when Kevin flies out of his home on a sleigh, he lands opposite another house with a wreath on the door.

That same door can be spotted from the hallway of Chandler and Monica's new crib.

Production company 22 Vision claim that Friends producers used stock footage from Home Alone to make the neighbourhood outside the Bings' house, which would explain why it looks like they moved into the McCallister gaff.

Viewers have been losing their mind over the footage, with one fan commenting: "There is no freakin' way that they could afford the McCallister house. Considering they spent Chandler's life savings on their wedding."


Another viewer blew minds with the following theory: "Maybe Friends is a Home Alone prequel, and the Bings turn out to be the neglecting parents." Wow.

"That’s why Joey was so mad they moved! Chicago isn’t exactly a short train ride from NYC," a third joked.

Despite many in the comments disagreeing with the video, claiming that 'Friends is in NY and Home Alone is in Chicago', it seems that the home owners of the house opposite, which is in Winnetka, Illinois, has firmed up the whole situation back in 2016.

Digital Spy claims that 22 Vision got in touch with the real owners of the house, who reportedly confirmed that it's the same home.

So there you go - mind blown.

Featured Image Credit: NBC/Disney

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