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Graham Norton viewers spot Sofia Vergara’s awkward reaction to Kevin Hart showing off

Graham Norton viewers spot Sofia Vergara’s awkward reaction to Kevin Hart showing off

She didn't look impressed

Sofia Vergara’s response to Kevin Hart playfully bragging during an episode of The Graham Norton Show has caused a stir online.

Hart, who was promoting his new film Lift, was sat beside the Modern Family star on last night’s episode, which also featured Jodie Comer and Alan Cumming. You can check out Vergara’s reaction here:

Things didn’t get off to a great start - as Norton welcomed Hart onto the show, the crowd obviously gave him a big cheer, as did the other guests.

Except Vergara, who was seen in the shot pulling a face in response to his name.

Later in the show while chatting away to host Norton, Hart spoke about filming some action scenes for his new heist flick.

“A lot of stuntmen went down,” he said. “Because when I do action, I’m in it, Graham. I hurt a lot of people with these.”

At this point, he turns towards Vergara and holds up his fists as the audience all laughed along at his bragging.

However, eagle-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice that Vergara appeared to be less than impressed with Hart’s anecdote.

Sofia Vergara and Kevin Hart on The Graham Norton Show.

In a post on X, one person said: “I am LIVING for Sofia Vergara’s absolute DISDAIN for Kevin Hart.”

Another said: “Loving Sofia Vergara on Graham Norton, not taking herself seriously & taking the p**s out of herself and Kevin Hart.”

A third added: “I’m not sure how to take this Graham Norton show. Is Sofia Vergara hating on Kevin Hart, or being funny?”

Someone else questioned: “Does Sofia Vergara actually hate Kevin Hart? She's being so shady.”

But fear not, as it seems the pair are actually pals in real life - fans may remember that Vergara appeared on the comedian's Hart to Heart podcast last year, where we got a glimpse of the wonderful dynamic between the two stars.

Sofia Vergara’s response to Kevin Hart playfully bragging caught viewers’ attention.

And fans were quick to defend the pals on social media, where one said: "Sorry to disappoint. But they’re actually pretty good friends.”

And a second chipped in: "It's called being friends and joking around.” Fair enough.

Elsewhere in the episode, poor Hart didn’t know where to look when Killing Eve star Comer shared a behind-the-scenes shot of herself ‘giving birth’ for her upcoming movie The End We Start.

Showing Comer lying in a hospital bed with a fake baby bump and fake legs in stirrups, Hart swiftly looked away from the screen before joking: “Clearly an attempt to take a Black man down. That’s what this is. As soon as I look at that, ‘what are you doing, Kevin?’

“I know what this is, Jodie. I didn’t fall for the trap. I sat and drank my wine.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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