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Kevin Hart can’t look at photo of Jodie Comer ‘giving birth on camera’

Kevin Hart can’t look at photo of Jodie Comer ‘giving birth on camera’

The actor refused to even look at the behind-the-scenes snap

Kevin Hart was left horrified after seeing behind-the-scenes footage of Jodie Comer ‘giving birth’.

The Emmy award winning star is set to appear in the upcoming British survival movie The End We Start with alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Strong. You can see Hart’s response to the strange photo here:

In the movie, Comer - whose character is known only as ‘mother’ - is forced to flee her London home after an ecological disaster sees the city flooded.

The movie was released in the US last month and is released in the UK on 19 January and Comer is already receiving high praise for her performance with one reviewer branding her ‘remarkable’.

The 30-year-old appeared on The Graham Norton Show last night alongside Hart, Modern Family star ​​Sofia Vergara and British actor Alan Cumming, where Comer shared a sneaky behind-the-scenes shot of her character from The End We Start With from a scene in which she was giving birth.

Jodie Comer shared a bizarre behind-the-scenes photo of her ‘giving birth’ on set.

In the photo, Comer can be seen lying in a hospital bed with a fake baby bump and set of legs resting in some stirrups - her own legs lie dangling just below the fake ones and are presumably well out of sight when the cameras are rolling.

And to add to the surreal feel of the snap, the fake bump and leg combo has its fake lady bits covered by a large black bin bag.

Talking about the image, Comer said: “That’s a bin bag that was hiding the modesty between takes.”

When her fellow guests questioned if it was protecting the modesty of the ‘fake vagina’, Comer confirmed: “Yeah, but it was out… It made me feel better.”

Kevin Hart had no interest in seeing the weird photo.

Hollywood really is all glamour, isn’t it?

When the image flashed on the screen beside Norton, Hart, who was there promoting his newest flick Lift, swiftly put his head down and refused to even take a proper look.

I can’t say I blame him, to be honest. I sort of wish I hadn’t seen it.

Unlike Vergara and Cummings, Hart didn’t join in with the bin bag jokes - but after the initial laughter about the photo died down, he shared his thoughts.

“Clearly an attempt to take a Black man down,” Hart joked. “That’s what this is. As soon as I look at that, ‘what are you doing, Kevin?’

“I know what this is, Jodie. I didn’t fall for the trap. I sat and drank my wine.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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