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Grand Designs couple built one of UK's cheapest homes for just £27,000 but it ended in disaster

Grand Designs couple built one of UK's cheapest homes for just £27,000 but it ended in disaster

The Dale family were devastated when their eco-home in Pembrokeshire burned down

When the Dale family appeared on Grand Designs with their Pembrokeshire eco-house, they were praised as being 'role models' for sustainable living.

But sadly, the project ended in total disaster when a house fire destroyed their much-loved home.

The house - which was dubbed one of the 'cheapest' homes after costing just £27,000 - was built by Simon and Jasmine Dale.

It was created using entirely reclaimed materials, including glass, timber and straw. Meanwhile, it was insulated with sheep's wool.

The couple began the project, located in Pembrokeshire, with just £500. It took six years to build, but sadly their dream came to a devastating end after it suffered a house fire.

The house caught alight when a faulty electric heater sparked a fire. While Jasmine was home at the time, the rest of the family - including the couple's two children - were away visiting family.

In a shocking twist, it was the family's second experience of a house fire, after their first home also burned to the ground.

The eco house suffered a devastating fire.
Channel 4

“We’re still in complete shock, I can’t say how I feel. But we know the feeling, our first home burnt down so we have been here before I suppose," Jasmine told The Telegraph at the time.

“We’re trying to hope that this will be a blessing in disguise and we have received so much love, but we know we won’t be able to recreate this home.

“The fire was caused by a freak electrical fault. I was in the house just a few moments before the fire broke out, and there is a junction box downstairs with many electrical wires."

Dai Swan, group manager for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, explained that the straw material used on the property made it even more difficult to extinguish the flames.

"It's utterly heart-breaking for the crews seeing how much workmanship has gone into these frames," he said.

"Each piece of this building is bespoke, it's done to a beautifully high standard and to see it damaged by fire is just heartbreaking."

It took six years to build.
Channel 4

The couple have said they will always miss the property and the 'wonderful' local people.

Sadly, Simon explained that they 'didn't have it in [them]' to try and rebuild it again.

He told WalesOnline: "We decided we didn't have it in us to rebuild that house in a way that would fit our children, now 14 and 15."

The Dales put the site up for sale for £290,000 in 2019. The sale included new planning consent for a four-bedroom eco property.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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