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James May already warned Grand Tour was 'near the end' this year as all three stars 'leave show'

James May already warned Grand Tour was 'near the end' this year as all three stars 'leave show'

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are reportedly said to have 'left' The Grand Tour.

James May already warned us that The Grand Tour was 'near the end' this year as reports have emerged that the stars have 'left' the show.

It’s said that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May wanted to go out of The Grand Tour ‘on a high’.

A TV insider said to The Sun: “It’s a surprising decision and everyone realises it very much marks the end of an era for the three presenters.

The Grand Tour is one of Prime Video’s most watched shows and Jeremy, James and Richard have a devoted following.

"But the guys have made no bones about the fact they’re all advancing in years and they have lots of other projects to pursue.

“They just felt like the time was right and wanted to go out on a high when the show remained popular.”

This comes after May previously admitted that The Grand Tour is 'nearer the end' after opening up about the show's future.

Speaking on the Fuelling Around podcast earlier this year, the 60-year-old admitted he hadn’t really given it much thought, and didn’t really know how much longer the show had left.

The future of The Grand Tour is up in the air.

"No, well, I'm being perfectly honest with you because there's nothing to hide," he said.

"We don't often think more than about a year in advance because let's face it, we're old so you can't.

"We've got another one about to come out, we've just filmed another one a few weeks ago and we've got another one planned to film later this year.

"What happens after that I don't know, it's a bit of a grey fog, it always is."

The former Top Gear star explained that he and the rest of the trio have a lot going on outside of The Grand Tour and they're likely nearing the end of it.

The Grand Tour.
Prime Video

"Jeremy is ploughing his farm, I've been cooking and doing some travel, Hammond is taking his own cars apart and then putting them back together.

"It's not over but we're probably nearer the end than the beginning. God, I hope so, we don't want another 20 years of this."

Prime Video have not yet confirmed that The Grand Tour is coming to an end.

However, it is said Clarkson, Hammond and May have just returned from shooting in Zimbabwe, this final special with the trio is heading into the edit and will launch at a later date next year.

Clarkson, Hammond and May have presented The Grand Tour since 2016, after leaving Top Gear in 2015.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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