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Hannah Waddingham remembers 'being actually waterboarded' for 10 hours on Game Of Thrones

Hannah Waddingham remembers 'being actually waterboarded' for 10 hours on Game Of Thrones

Hannah Waddingham featured in season five and six of Game of Thrones.

While Hannah Waddingham is best known for her roles in Ted Lasso and Sex Education, she also featured in the Game of Thrones.

Over the past year, the actor has also presented Eurovision Song Contest - but before all of that, she was getting waterboarded on the popular HBO show.

For those unaware, Waddingham played Septa Unella in season five and six of Game of Thrones, where she had one particular traumatic experience.

In fact she had one traumatic experience on set when she was 'waterboarded for 10 hours'.

In an interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Waddingham admitted that being involved in the scene later gave her 'chronic claustrophobia'.

Watch it below:

“I have talked about it since with David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the two exec producers on it, I was like, ‘Good job it’s for them because it was horrific’,” she said.

“[I had] 10 hours of being actually waterboarded, like actually waterboarded.”

Despite her traumatic experience, the actor went on to heap praise on Game of Thrones, even if a lot of us are still annoyed about the ending to this day.

"The reason why I don’t believe [Game Of Thrones] is touched yet in terms of the cinematography of it for a series, it’s just a different level. But with that comes actual waterboarding," she continued.

It isn't the first time Waddingham has spoke about her time working on the set of one of the most loved TV shows of all time.

Hannah Waddingham appeared on Game of Thrones.

Speaking further about the 'waterboarded experience', Waddingham told Collider: "There I was strapped to a wooden table with proper big straps for 10 hours. And definitely, other than childbirth, it was the worst day of my life.

"Because Lena was uncomfortable pouring liquid in my face for that long, and I was beside myself.

"But in those moments you have to think, do you serve the piece and get on with it or do you chicken out and go, 'No, this isn't what I signed up for, blah, blah, blah?'.

She continued: "And then, the funny thing was, after we'd finished shooting it for the whole day, and people like Miguel Sapochnik, the director by the way, walking past with a cup of tea and a sandwich on-the-go and going, 'Hi, honey, you all right?' And I was like, 'Not really'. 'The crew have just been saying we are actually really waterboarding you here'.

"And I was like, 'Yup, you don't need to tell me that'."

LADbible has reached out to HBO for comment.

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