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The Traitors fans shocked after contestant shares how much alcohol they drink on the show

The Traitors fans shocked after contestant shares how much alcohol they drink on the show

A former The Traitors contestant has revealed all on her experience, including how much alcohol they drink on the show

The Traitors is the TV series on everyone's lips right now, and for good reason. Between Diane and her bob, Miles becoming an instant meme at that breakfast and Claudia Winkleman's iconic knitwear, the internet can't get enough of the BBC game show.

And as is the way with most popular shows, fans want to know everything and anything about what goes both on and off camera.

Now, one former contestant has revealed all, including how much alcohol they're allowed to drink... and the answer might surprise you.

For those who have been living under a rock and don't know what The Traitors is, in a nutshell the competition show pits 22 contestants against one another to compete for a grand prize of £120,000, while three traitors are among them, trying to get other contestants eliminated.

Hosted by (almost) royal family member Claudia Winkleman, series two has had viewers on the edge of their seats this month, as episodes continue to drop each week.

While everyone is gripped by the constant twists and turns, many of us have been left wondering exactly what goes on when the cameras are off.

Well, season one winner Meryl Williams has revealed all in her latest TikTok, conducting a Q&A and answering some of the viewers' burning questions.

Claudia Winkleman hosts the BBC psychological adventure show.

Meryl answered a few hot questions in the TikTok Q&A, such as who she was closest to on the show: "I'd probably say Alyssa, me and Alyssa from the moment we met we were literally besties, like we were so close"

She also revealed her closeness to Hannah, saying she 'followed her around everywhere like a lost puppy'.

But the answer that received the most scrutiny was when she was asked if she drank alcohol every night.

She took to TikTok to answer fans' burning questions about the show.

She replied: "No we didn't, we didn't get to drink alcohol every night.

"We only got it every couple of nights, and it was rationed, not rationed but we got like one glass or two glasses each.

"We couldn't literally have a whole bottle to ourselves."

A bit of a shock there, as the psychological game definitely takes its toll on contestants, and only being allowed a drink every other day to wind down might not cut it for some of us.

Fans of the show asked more questions in the comments, while some gave their opinions on life in the castle.

One user said: "I was surprised they gave you alcohol, it could've ruined the game."

Another wrote: "Were you shocked when it was revealed that Alyssa was the traitor?" Following up on the best friend comment she made.

Others showed a lot of support for Meryl and expressed happiness over her performance in season one.

Alcohol or not, it seemed to work in Meryl's favour, as she and two others got the traitors out and took home the prize.

LADbible has reached out to the BBC for comment.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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