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Truth behind photo where Jodie Comer can be seen 'giving birth on camera'

Truth behind photo where Jodie Comer can be seen 'giving birth on camera'

The Killing Eve star can be seen in a hospital bed with a colossal baby bump

If you tuned into The Graham Norton Show last night, you might recall the moment that comedian Kevin Hart was left visibly shaken after he was almost shown a photo of actor Jodie Comer giving birth.

In the shocking image - which has since been doing the rounds on social media - the Liverpool-born on-screen star is seen in a hospital bed, throwing up a peace-sign while posing with her legs being held open with stirrups.

The snap also sees Comer brandishing a colossal baby bump, with a black bin bag in place to hide her private parts during this special moment.

Fellow guests on the iconic red sofa - Sofía Vergara and Alan Cumming -appeared mildly amused by the photo.

On the other hand, however, funnyman Hart refused to look.

"Clearly an attempt to take a Black man down," he joked. "That’s what this is. As soon as I look at that, ‘what are you doing, Kevin?’

"I know what this is, Jodie. I didn’t fall for the trap. I sat and drank my wine."

That's because the now-viral photo isn't all it seems, as the Killing Eve star hasn't yet welcomed any children herself in reality.

Jodie Comer shared a bizarre behind-the-scenes photo of her ‘giving birth’ on set.

The truth of the image actually stems from Comer's latest television project.

She is set to appear in the upcoming British survival movie The End We Start From with alongside acting moguls Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Strong.

In the movie, Comer - whose character is known only as ‘Mother’ - is forced to flee her London home after an ecological disaster sees the city flooded.

Describing the emotional drama - which was released in the US last month and is released in the UK on 19 January - Rotten Tomatoes states: "As a woman and her newborn try and find their way home, the profound novelty of motherhood is brought into sharp focus in this intimate and poetic portrayal of family survival."

Comer's latest project is survival movie The End We Start From.
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Comer - who is also famed for her critically-acclaimed roles in Broadway production Prima Facie and BBC Covid-19 drama Help - has already received similarly high praise for her performance in her latest movie, with one reviewer branding her ‘remarkable’.

"It’s nourishing, frequently moving, and ends with heroic understatement, where a cruder film would have gone all out for the heartstrings," another gushed on social media.

"This is a very realistic take on what can happen with people if everything falls apart. Jodie Comer gives a stark, heart breaking performance," a third added.

A fourth fan went on: "Comer has pretty much proven that she can play any kind of role and do it masterfully, carrying this film almost entirely on her sturdy shoulders."

The actor discussed her 'giving birth' photo on The Graham Norton Show.

Talking about the photo on Graham Norton's BBC talk-show last night (12 January), Comer opened up: "That's a bin bag that was hiding the modesty in-between takes."

Explaining that the bump, legs and private parts that can be seen on screen aren't actually her own, and are that of a dummy, she went on to joke: "I don't know - it made me feel better! I felt less exposed.

"Everyone was looking after me - bringing me coffee and stuff, to keep me awake."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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