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The Gentlemen's Kaya Scodelario left stunned after remembering what she did on Skins aged just 14

The Gentlemen's Kaya Scodelario left stunned after remembering what she did on Skins aged just 14

She's raised an important discussion

The Gentlemen star Kaya Scodelario has spoken about her time on Skins and the comparisons people have made between the show and another popular series.

Right now you can see Scodelario in the popular Netflix series The Gentlemen, where she stars alongside Vinnie Jones, Giancarlo Esposito and Theo James.

While the drama follows Eddie (James) as he comes home to take control of his family estate after his dad dies, it's Scodelario's Susie Glass who leads him into the criminal underworld.

In case you've forgotten, Scodelario played Effy in Skins which, if you've been watching The Gentlemen, is the reason why you've been scratching your head wondering where you've seen her before.

Plenty of viewers have been praising her performance in the show, while many more have been feeling depressingly old as they've realised how long ago Skins was.

Speaking to NME about The Gentlemen, Scodelario also talked about her time on Skins and the parallels that have been drawn with it and American series Euphoria.

Kaya Scodelario in The Gentlemen.

Euphoria stars the likes of Zendaya and Jacob Elordi, and plenty of viewers have thought there's more than a whiff of Skins about the show.

Discussing the series and its connection with Skins, she praised the stars for bringing the drama to the screen.

She said: "I was thinking, 'God these actors are so brave' and that this must be quite scary for them.

"I then had this realisation that I did all that at 14 without anybody taking care of us."

It raises an important discussion about the state of acting, intimate scenes and the growing prominence of intimacy coordinators to make sure everyone involved in the production is safe and comfortable with what's going on.

She said that on the set of Skins 'the safeguarding wasn't there' and she 'hopes the actors get taken care of' on the set of Euphoria.

While the parallels drawn between the two shows has been cause for reflection, Scodelario also told the publication that she'd made great friends with the rest of the cast.

You'll remember her as Effy from Skins, though she's done a lot since then.

"Skins Christmas is more special to me than actual Christmas because we’re chosen family," she explained.

"We joke we’re either bonded by trauma or bonded by success."

As for the fame that followed her after Skins, she told NME that it 'wasn't always a good thing' and compared her experiences to those across the pond.

She said: "Being a teenager on a very popular UK show wasn’t always a good thing. Especially as a woman.

"We didn’t have the same protections and weren’t looked after in the same way a lot of people in the public eye are.

"But in America, nobody cared. You spend a week in New York and nobody gives a s**t."

All eight episodes of The Gentlemen are available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Channel 4

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