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Disturbing reason cult leader's face turned blue as 'horrifying' documentary leaves viewers speechless

Disturbing reason cult leader's face turned blue as 'horrifying' documentary leaves viewers speechless

She was found dead in 2021 with her face turned blue

Viewers who've tuned in to watch a documentary on a cult have branded it 'the most insane s**t' they've ever seen.

The HBO Max documentary Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God, which is available to watch on NOW for British viewers, tells the story of Amy Carlson.

Watch the trailer here:

Called 'Mother God' by her followers, Amy mashed a bunch of conspiracy theories together and claimed her cult was guided by beings known as 'Galactics'.

These mostly consisted of already-dead celebrities including Steve Irwin, Robin Williams, Carrie Fisher and the not-dead Donald Trump.

Her cult claimed that alcohol and marijuana could be medicine and sold products including colloidal silver as an alternative health remedy.

The Love Has Won cult came to a halt when their leader, who believed she was the reincarnation of several famous historical figures including Joan of Arc and Marilyn Monroe, was found dead in April 2021.

The documentary shows the cult leader's face had turned blue before her death due to taking colloidal silver.

Police eventually found her body mummified and wrapped in fairy lights in a house in Crestone, Colorado.

When her body was found, her face was blue and the 'horrifying' documentary about her shows her with a face that had turned blue in the final days of leading her cult as well.

Found dead at the age of 45, her followers believed she had 'ascended' to a fifth dimension after taking on all of the pain of mankind, having been unwell for a long time which her followers claimed was her taking on all of the world's negative energy.

However, the real reason according to a medical examiner who performed an autopsy on her is that she died of organ failure after a long period of alcohol abuse, anorexia and colloidal silver dosing.

Amy Carlson before taking so much colloidal silver that she turned her face blue.

It was the last detail that also explains why her face had turned blue, as by the end of her life, she wasn't consuming much beyond alcohol and colloidal silver.

Peddled as an alternative health remedy by some, colloidal silver has been rated as unsafe and ineffective at treating disease.

A side-effect to colloidal silver is something called argyria, where a build-up of silver in the skin causes it to become discoloured and either blue or grey.

There is also evidence to suggest that it can cause problems with a person's kidneys, liver and nervous system, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

However, it's the most common side-effect of the silver which turned Amy Carlson's face blue - with documentary footage from Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God showing her in the final stages of her life with a changed face.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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