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Viewers say ‘horrifying’ cult documentary is the ‘most insane s**t’ they’ve ever seen

Viewers say ‘horrifying’ cult documentary is the ‘most insane s**t’ they’ve ever seen

The documentary series dropped towards the end of last year

Content Warning: Contains references to eating disorders

It’s well and truly the season of staying in and bingeing TV. It’s too cold outside, no one’s got any money and watching telly on the sofa is a better option than going to the pub right now.

And while other people might be stocking up on crime dramas, others are busy raving about ‘horrifying’ cult documentaries.

Apparently, this HBO one is the ‘most insane s**t’ they’ve ever seen. Watch the trailer here:

Documentary series Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God premiered back in November 2023 and users on X are calling it ‘darkly funny, bewildering and ultimately horrifying’.

It’s all about Amy Carlson who went by the name ‘Mother God’ and was a religious leader, leading her movement Love Has Won in the US.

Both she and her followers believed her to be God and a reincarnation of Jesus Christ who could heal cancer sufferers with ‘the power of love’.

Unsurprisingly, and you can see where this is going, media labelled Love Has Won a cult.

Amy Carlson.

Carlson's movement was a mix of 'New Age spirituality, conspiracy theories, and mainstream religions' and began to grow from 2014 onwards.

However, it ultimately ended when Carlson died in April 2021 aged 45. Her body was found mummified and wrapped in fairy lights in the group's compound in Colorado and followers claimed she had ‘ascended’ to the fifth dimension after assuming all of mankind’s pain.

While she was alive Carlson proclaimed alcohol and drugs were her 'medicine' and even drank colloidal silver, a controversial alternative medicine which has been deemed unsafe and ineffective.

As her health declined, many of her followers believed this was because she was taking on the world’s negative energy and that she would eventually 'ascend'.

One user on X called the series ‘surprisingly triggering’ as they wrote: “Limiting food was a part of their practices and the leader got super thin along with their members losing significant weight.”

Carlson died in 2021.

One simply put: “The Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God series? Oh my god????????????”

Another called it ‘engaging and completely bonkers at times', as others say it ‘is the most insane sh*t I’ve ever seen’.

Many said it’s ‘one of the weirdest cult documentaries’ as they were left ‘SHOOK’.

Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God is streaming on NOW.

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