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Netflix is being called out over the name of new dating show featuring people with Down syndrome

Netflix is being called out over the name of new dating show featuring people with Down syndrome

Viewers said it's a fantastic series however the title might need a bit of work.

Netflix has been called out for the title of a reality series about people with Down syndrome looking for love.

Down for Love is the new series, which launched on the streaming platform over the weekend.

While dating shows featuring people with disabilities is nothing new, many have taken issue with the play on words for the New Zealand show.

One viewer wrote via Twitter: “I started watching this last night. Why did they title it like that though.”

Another said: “Nah they dead wrong for the name. Hell got a special place for Netflix.”

A third said: “The concept of the dating show is great but that title is so iffy.”

While another commented: “Ain’t no way they called the show DOWN FOR LOVE.”

The title aside, many applauded the show for its representation of people with the condition navigating the world of modern dating.

One person insisted: “This is great. It really celebrates the individuals on the show and people with Down Syndrome, in a similar way to Love On The Spectrum. All human life is valuable.”

Netflix's Down for Love has received a mixed response from viewers.

Another said: “This show & Love On The Spectrum are soooooo heartwarming. If you’re in need of a good smile, give these shows a watch.”

While a third shared: “Watch this y'all. It's such a feel-good show. Everyone deserves love and affection.”

LADbible has reached out to Netflix for comment.

Recently, wheelchair dancer and content creator Tobi Green-Adenowo, who also starred in The Undateables, spoke on Down for Love’s backlash during an interview with The Guardian.

While citing Love Island’s attempt at diversity by adding contestants with disabilities, she said: “If you try to add inclusivity into what’s supposed to be a cookie-cutter show, people go up in arms.”

Some think the title of Down for Love is in poor taste.

She noted that shows that feature disabled cast mates need to get rid of the ‘uncomfortably voyeuristic lens’, as though the role of disabled stars is to entertain able-bodied viewers or even make them feel better.

Green-Adenowo added: “When people said they loved [The Undateables], I always question what it is that makes them love it. Is it because it makes you feel better?”

And while the dancer doesn’t advocate for separation, she said that shows must be inclusive from the get-go.

“One day I hope to see another show that is led by us and run by us so you can see things through our eyes. If you organically start a show that’s intersectional like that then you are going to find your correct audience,” she continued.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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