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Only Fools and Horses fans stunned at Nicholas Lyndhurst in new Frasier series

Only Fools and Horses fans stunned at Nicholas Lyndhurst in new Frasier series

The Only Fools and Horses star will feature in the new series of Frasier

Fans have been left perplexed by the first image of Nicholas Lyndhurst in his role in the new series of Frasier, with some even believing that the image had been photoshopped.

There are many people who you might not expect to see working alongside each other. Nonetheless, despite the speculation that the image had been faked, it is indeed a real preview of the upcoming series.

Nicholas Lyndhurst in Frasier.

One of the most well-known sitcoms ever made, Frasier, is set to make a return to the small screen soon. But while many were looking forward to seeing their beloved characters return, few could have expected the surprise casting of Only Fools and Horses star Lyndhurst in the in the new series.

Lyndhurst is best known for his role playing Rodney Trotter, younger and less worldly brother to the main protagonist Delboy. The series was first released in 1981 and had a run of 20 years.

Previously it had been reported that Lyndhurst may never return to acting following the unexpected loss of his 19-year-old son after he suffered a brain haemorrhage.

But representatives of Lyndhurst denied the reports that he was considering retirement.

A representative for Lyndhurst said: "It is complete nonsense that Nicholas Lyndhurst is retired or retiring.

"Of course he and his wife are devastated by the sudden loss of their young son but Mr. Lyndhurst will continue his career with any parts and scripts that attract him.

"He continues to constantly receive offers."

Lyndhurst in Only Fools and Horses.

Lyndhurst later received an unexpected offer to feature in the rebooted series of Frasier.

Fans were left stunned by the images.

One wrote: "Every time I look at the last photo, i cannot fathom that Nicholas Lyndhurst is there and not photoshopped in."

Another said: "Thought this was one of those photos done like the bloke who photoshops Paddington into a movie every day."

A few believed that it had been photoshopped, with one saying: "Looks like he’s been photoshopped in."

Another was delighted, writing: "This has blown my tiny little mind. Im all for it."

Lyndhurst met Frasier star Kelsey Grammar when the pair were in a play together, and Grammar has spoken about his admiration of Lyndhurst.

He said: “I warned them in America. I said, ‘Wait until this guy gets here. You’ll be doing a scene with him and suddenly you realise he’s just run off with it.

“He’s an extraordinary actor, a dear friend. And I am so pleased he’s part of it. I adore him and he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with.

“I accuse him of being a bit of a sandbagger because you don’t see him coming and all of a sudden he’s getting all the laughs.

”Nicholas has been hired to play a university professor called Alan in the reboot, who is pals with Frasier.”

Frasier will begin airing on Paramount+ 12 October.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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