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Couple who were on The Great Sex Experiment share what it was really like to take part in Channel 4 show

Couple who were on The Great Sex Experiment share what it was really like to take part in Channel 4 show

'Normal' couple Tom and Natalie Beard 'half-heartedly' applied to be on the show and were shocked when they were actually picked

If you have ever thought about what it would be like to take part in one of Channel 4’s raunchy shows, look no further.

As the search begins for more couples to take part in the eyebrow-raising show Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, a 'normal' husband and wife who were looking for ways to ‘spice up their fizzled out sex life’ have opened up about having a threesome on the show.

Check out a clip of another couple on the show:

Married couple Natalie, 33, and Tom Beard, 36, from York, have two children aged six and 10 and most of their days are taken up by childcare and work. While Natalie grooms horses for work, Tom is an electrical technician for a local firm.

So, how did they end up getting frisky under the covers on national TV, you ask?

The Channel 4 show follows curious committed couples visit an extraordinary retreat to explore opening up their relationships with its sexually liberated residents in order to revive their sex lives.

“We are just a normal couple, a completely average family,” Natalie told Mail Online.

"We've been together for 13 years, five of them married. Life is hectic. You have the kids and work, you're busy making dinner, and you're tired.

“Our sex life had just fizzled out and we wanted to improve our relationship. We're not sex mad and would never do anything in our family home.

Tom and Natalie Beard 'half-heartedly' applied to go on the show.
Channel 4

“But we just wanted a bit of excitement to spice things up and make us feel new again, and this seemed like a safe place to experiment.”

After watching the first season of Open House: The Great Sex Experiment together, the couple began talking about their fantasies which led to the prospect of inviting a third person into the bedroom.

“Half-heartedly, and just for a bit of fun, we applied for the second season but never thought we'd get on as we were just so average and ordinary,” Natalie added.

One of the reasons why they applied is because they found it difficult to organise a threesome while juggling everyday life.

“It's still quite a taboo, and you can't really just ask someone you know. It just doesn't come up at the school gates,” Natalie explained.

Natalie and Tom enjoyed their experience on the show.
Channel 4

Natalie and Tom stayed at the retreat in a secret location in Herefordshire in September last year for two nights.

“It was intense. Lots of stuff goes on that you don't see on camera,” she said. “They film all the interactions and bedrooms. We were quite excited and it was nice to get glammed up.”

Natalie and Tom chose to have a rendezvous with Precious Muir, 38, from London, who eased them into a threesome by kissing them both which was apparently very handy in breaking the ice.

“We tried to keep things as much under the duvet as possible,” Natalie explained. “Three is an odd number so I was worried someone would be left out, but it worked okay."

The couple say their relationship is now stronger than before the experiment and they’ve even kept in touch with Precious.

Following the debut of the second half of series two on Friday night (8 September), Channel 4 has shared a call-out in search of more couples to take part in future series.

Open House: The Great Sex Experiment returned on 8 September at 10 pm. Episodes can be streamed on All4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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