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Sarah Jayne Dunn thinks she knows who made OnlyFans complaint that got her kicked off Hollyoaks

Sarah Jayne Dunn thinks she knows who made OnlyFans complaint that got her kicked off Hollyoaks

The former Hollyoaks star knows who made a complaint about her OnlyFans, getting her fired from the show

It has been over two years since Sarah Jayne Dunn was axed from Hollyoaks after over 20 years on the show, with many criticising her actions.

Dunn was fired after soap opera bosses made her choose between deleting her OnlyFans account or walking from the role.

The 42-year-old chose to keep her account, branding it as the 'best decision of her life'.

She has also claimed that other soap stars have got in touch with her for guidance to follow her path.

Dunn played Mandy Richardson on the Channel 4 soap opera from 1996 to 2021, and exclusively spoke to the Sun about the situation.

She claims soap bosses has altered actors' contracts since her departure so they can't start their own OnlyFans accounts.

Sarah said: “I know that what happened with all of the soaps is that [actors] had to all sign a new copy of the contract, ­saying that they wouldn’t do it, that they couldn’t do it.

“Everyone would have left if they didn’t.

“I think people are curious but people can’t take that step."

Sarah Jayne Dunn claims that soap opera bosses have changed contracts since her departure.
Sarah Jayne Dunn/Instagram

Sarah's sudden departure from Hollyoaks was attributed to an anonymous complaint made by a co-star, who is still unknown.

But not to her.

“Apparently there is one person who complained." Sarah began to say.

“I think I know who that is now, I have my suspicions for sure."

She compared the Hollyoaks set to a normal workplace, where you have your friends and foes, but also said it 'boils down to their own insecurities and jealousies.'

The bosses at Hollyoaks argued that the 18+ content on OnlyFans didn't align with the younger demographic of the show.

However, Sarah had been posting similar pictures on Instagram in lingerie, reminiscent of the ones that she had published in magazines in the 1990s.

Despite being on the platform, Sarah says she would never do X-rated content and that her husband fully supports her.

“When I first joined OnlyFans, me and my husband had a conversation about what my limitations and boundaries were."

When new followers expect more racy material, she simply replies: "I don’t do that".

Sarah says that she has a very respectful community on OnlyFans.
Sarah Jayne Dunn/Instagram

Sarah says that the fans she has on OnlyFans are really respectful, 'unlike on other platforms'.

In terms of earnings, she revealed: “I think my second month on the platform was better than a year on Hollyoaks.”

It was reported that she earned £700,000 in the year after getting fired from Hollyoaks, where she earned £120,000 annually.

Finally, Sarah claims that making the move to OnlyFans has improved her whole life despite it being a 'gamble'.

She has financial freedom, can take holidays when she wants, and sometimes gets tips on livestreams while 'enjoying a glass of wine'.

Featured Image Credit: Sarah Jayne Dunn/Instagram

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