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It seems you can't get through historic event these days without someone finding a reference from The Simpsons which appeared to predict the event.

Whether it's Lady Gaga flying into a stadium, murder hornets, Covid-19, or, perhaps most infamously, Donald Trump's presidency, The Simpsons has 'predicted' a wide range of events over its enormous run.

The Simpsons is known for predicting events of the future.

The Trump episode was perhaps the most well-known, with the programme showing Lisa taking on the presidency, telling advisors: "As you know we've inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump."

However, one animator that worked on the iconic show has not given anything away when asked about the running joke.

When quizzed about it at a convention, animator Phil Ortiz simply said: "Don't believe those. just coincidence. You mean all those predictions, Donald Trump?"

Of course, he would say though, wouldn't he?

People were quick to joke about the interaction in the comments on the TikTok video shared by @obabubba2, speculating that he can't reveal anything about the show's seemingly uncanny ability to predict the future.

One person wrote: "Not only does he know sum. But he’s clearly being watched by somebody with real high power. Mans doesn’t wanna slip at all."

Another added: "He tryna stay alive so you can't really blame bro for not saying nothing, I feel like they want you to know but what happens to them when they tell you is."

Animator Phil Ortiz didn't give anything away.

A third speculated that The Simpsons has become such an iconic show that elements of it have even morphed back into real life, with life imitating art.

They said: "He said you hit it on the dot. My theory is the show makes you see things subconsciously and its a show a lot of people watch. So it becomes reality."

Certainly an interesting theory!

But The Simpsons isn't the only big production to have made predictions about the future.

In the video Ortiz tells the people questioning him: "You know what was a lucky guess? Did you see the second Back to the Future movie?"

The time-travelling film series has also made some hair-raising predictions about how things might look in the future.

Among them are personal drones, biometric devices, wearable technology, and even hover boards. Well, sort of on that last one.

Here's a fun fact as well. If Back to the Future was set today, when would Marty McFly be travelling back to? The answer is 1993.

Personally I think a reboot of Back to the Future featuring a trip back to the early '90s would be pretty cool. You could also relive the golden years of The Simpsons as the episodes are being released.

How's that for nostalgia?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @obabubba2

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