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Squid Game slammed for forcing player to make brutal decision which nearly made him throw up

Squid Game slammed for forcing player to make brutal decision which nearly made him throw up

Fans of Squid Game: The Challenge are horrified by an awful decision players had to make

Viewers of Squid Game: The Challenge are already feeling sorry for the 456 contestants and some of the tough decisions they've had to take on the show.

The producers told LADbible they threw in a number of curveballs towards the contestants because they knew all about the surprises Squid Game had to spring.

See, when Squid Game wowed us all back in 2021 part of the fun was the twists and turns the lethal games sprung on those playing.

The first twist was of course that being knocked out of the game meant being killed, and there were plenty more surprises in store afterwards.

Of course that was fiction and Netflix isn't allowed to actually kill 455 of the 456 people who sign up for their real-life Squid Game.

One of the ways in which producers had to keep contestants on their toes was adding new spins on the games to wrong-foot those playing in Squid Game: The Challenge.

People felt sorry for Spencer, contestant 299.

Some viewers have been up in arms about the way things went down, particularly before the Dalgona game where players have to make a shape out of honeycomb.

In the original Squid Game players were made to line up in front of different symbols without realising what they meant, while in Squid Game: The Challenge everyone knows what's about to happen and nobody wants the umbrella.

To shake things up producers told contestants to form into groups and pick their door, and if they didn't make a choice they'd all be eliminated.

The stress of this was too much for Spencer, player 299, who eventually agreed to pick the umbrella as long as others would help him out once they'd finished.

Spencer was faced with the terrible choice to pick the hardest honeycomb shape or elimination.

However, according to the rules of the game players aren't allowed to help each other, leaving Spencer stuck with the most difficult shape to cut.

Spencer was worried that players who'd had to be on the umbrella shape with him were 'losing because of what I did'.

Many who watched the show felt really sorry for Spencer as they took to Reddit and said 'everyone was so mean to him' when he was faced with picking the umbrella or being eliminated without even giving it a go.

Someone else noted that 'not one came up to him and asked if he was ok', while a third said they'd been 'hoping everyone for umbrella would automatically pass'.

Plenty of other fans said they wished the shapes had been jumbled up, potentially tricking contestants who thought they'd made it onto easy street by picking the circle.

Sadly for poor old Spencer we won't be seeing more of him as he snapped his honeycomb and was eliminated.

The first five episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge are available to watch now on Netflix, four more release on 29 November and the series finale is out on 6 December.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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