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Britain's most tattooed woman who met Rishi Sunak in her bikini speaks out on 'bucket list' moment

Britain's most tattooed woman who met Rishi Sunak in her bikini speaks out on 'bucket list' moment

The mum sparked the 'photo of the election' after meeting the prime minister

Britain’s ‘most tattooed’ woman who met Rishi Sunak while she was in her bikini has spoken out on her ‘bucket list’ moment.

Yeah, that’s probably not quite the headline you were expecting to read this Genny Lec day (4 July).

But it still proved to be a big moment in the current Prime Minister’s campaign when he appeared on yesterday’s episode of This Morning.

Becky Holt quickly became a viral meme after a snap of her sat on the ITV sofa with Sunak watching on from behind was shared online.

The mum and model was showing her amazing physique on the show, chatting about how she ended up having a huge 95 percent of her skin tatted while chilling in her white triangle bikini.

And while all this was going on, the Prime Minister appeared to be awkwardly sat awaiting his turn to be grilled by hosts Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley.

Holt later took to her Instagram Stories to thank everyone for supporting her TV appearance as she went on to say: “Can you believe I met the Prime Minister today? Oh my god, in a bikini as well.”

The apparently ‘most tattooed’ mum in the UK went on to say she had ‘no idea’ she would be getting to meet Sunak.

Now that's a photo. (ITV)
Now that's a photo. (ITV)

“And yeah, that’s kind of like bucket list, absolutely wicked. So yeah, buzzing.”

Holt even added that the bloke has ‘the nicest teeth and the nicest skin’ she’s ‘ever seen’ as she called it the ‘best day ever’.

The mum shared some of the memes from her big appearance, echoing in her caption: “Can’t actually believe I met the Prime Minister today.”

Another snap also shows her having a cuppa in an open robe, while having a natter off-camera with Sunak. We can only wonder just what those two will have been discussing.

The pair had a chat off camera. (Instagram/becky_holt__)
The pair had a chat off camera. (Instagram/becky_holt__)

The photo of the Conservative party leader watching on during Holt’s interview has already been dubbed as the ‘photo of the election campaign’ as people called the memes ‘legendary’.

Others commented on her post to say ‘he can’t believe he met you’ as another wrote: “This has to be the most epic photo of Rishi with you in a bikini.”

“This is f**king jokes,” one commented.

And many even said: “Hahaha Becky! This is the best photo of 2024!”

Now, no matter who you’re voting for today lads, just remember to get out there and vote.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/becky_holt__

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