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Fans all have the same complaint over '10/10' BBC crime drama being called 'best British show since Peaky Blinders'

Fans all have the same complaint over '10/10' BBC crime drama being called 'best British show since Peaky Blinders'

There's an important thing letting fans down

Shows like Peaky Blinders are top tier for some fans – nothing can ever come close.

But the drama’s creator Steven Knight has provided other bangers for us to get hooked on and viewers are saying his latest series is the ‘best British show since’.

It’s been two years since Peaky Blinders came to an end, but this new crime drama has us back to Birmingham for another gritty watch after landing on BBC One on Sunday (31 March).

However, while viewers are labelling it as ‘10/10’, fans are all making the same complaint about it.

Fans all pointed out the same thing.

This Town is a ‘high octane thriller and a family saga’ set in Birmingham back in the 80s, following the rise of an upcoming band.

But obviously, it’s not all about happily strumming guitars sitting round a fire, it’s got the backdrop of total political unrest, crime and violence.

A six-part programme, it explores the rise of ska and two-tone music with a lot of teen troubles and villains in the mix which Knight says is ‘a love letter to Birmingham and Coventry’.

This Town stars the likes of Levi Brown, Eve Austin, Michelle Dockery and Nicholas Pinnock, among others.

And viewers have been absolutely loving it, saying it’s ‘a f**king masterpiece’.

Others wrote on X: “Is it just me or could anyone else binge watch the living daylights out of This Town?"

And one put: “This Town on the BBC is really good. It’s done very well."

However, while people are loving it, there has been a bit of a niggling problem with one aspect.

Of course, when you set the show in a certain area, you expect other thing to match – like accents.

So, watching This Town, you’d obviously be tuning your ears into some brummy voices but unfortunately, not everyone’s convinced.

One viewer slammed: “Watching This Town proves once again that people can’t do our accent.”


Another even put: “My parents are watching This Town and my god some of the accents are so appalling i might have to leave the room? plz just cast brummy actors!”

As one said: “This Town living up to expectations. Been class so far (apart from some of the accents).”

While another put: “Catching up with episode 1 of This Town. Only 10 mins in & hooked already. Dodgy Brummie accents aside (why can so few actors do a realistic Brummie accent?) The story is superb & brings back so many memories of Brum in Thatcher’s Britain. And that soundtrack though.”

This Town is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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