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Victoria Beckham praised for how she handled Ali G’s brutal jokes in resurfaced video

Victoria Beckham praised for how she handled Ali G’s brutal jokes in resurfaced video

Clips from the 2001 Red Nose Day interview have gone viral following the release of Netflix's Beckham documentary.

Victoria Beckham has been praised by social media users after an interview she and David Beckham did with Sacha Baron Cohen has resurfaced.

Last week, Netflix’s highly-anticipated 'Beckham' docuseries dropped on the streaming platform, giving fans a candid insight into one of football’s most famous faces.

As well as featuring the former Manchester United man himself, the series also features interviews with his wife, Victoria.

Since opening up about their lives together, viewers across social media have been quick to find photographs and videos of the pair from the early ‘90s.

A clip which has recently gone viral is a segment from Comic Relief in 2001 featuring the Spice Girl, David, and Baron Cohen’s satirical creation, Ali G.

The grilling from the comedian was originally aired on March 16 2001, and saw the pair being introduced on stage with the words: “Every boy wants to be in his boots and every man wants to be in his missus. Big up for none other than Victoria and David Beckham!”

Victoria and David Beckham were interviewed by Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G back in 2001.
BBC/Comic Relief

As well as pressing them on their private life and their wealth, the actor said: “So, there is some people who suddenly get loads of money who become very tasteless. How has you two managed to avoid that?”

Victoria replied: "I don't know. I'm sure we're wearing things that some people look at and think they are tasteless.”

Elsewhere in the iconic Comic Relief chat, the comedian discussed the couple’s first child, Brooklyn Beckham.

“So, do you want him to grow up to be a footballer like his dad, or a singer, like Mariah Carey?” Baron Cohen queried.

With quick wit, Victoria replied: “I’m hoping he’ll grow up to be a footballer like his dad, and I’d like to grow up and be a singer like Mariah.”

Clips of the interview have resurfaced online following Netflix releasing the Beckham documentary.
BBC Handout

Since clips of the interview have resurfaced across social media, fans have been having their say.

One X user wrote: “Victoria Beckham, the queen of quick wit and dry humour. She handled this like a champ.”

A YouTube user commented: “So much respect to the two of them. They looked like they had a lot of fun having a laugh for a good cause.”

“I've not seen Victoria have so much fun. She looked so happy and really took the jokes like a champ. Impressive,” replied a third.

Another said: “I have watched this so many times because I absolutely love the lot. I love the glint in that sly Fox Ali's eyes as he keeps a straight face while ripping into them. And all the time the Beckhams take it like absolute champs.

“Seriously likeable both of (sic) them, especially Posh. I never cared much for her, but since I saw this I really fell for her loveable character. She is seriously cute and together they are adorable.”

You can stream all episodes of Beckham now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Comic Relief

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