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Woman whose boobs fell out trying to break into house admits that wasn't the worst part

Woman whose boobs fell out trying to break into house admits that wasn't the worst part

Turns out having her t*ts all over social media wasn't the most embarrassing part for Lisa

If you’ve been anywhere near social media these past few days, or even if you’ve watched daytime telly, there’s one woman who you’ve probably had a bit of an eyeful of.

Obviously, I’m talking about that lady whose boobs fell out when she was trying to break into her house.

But it turns out, that wasn’t even the worse part for Lisa Rowland. Watch the viral clip here:

The mum appeared on This Morning yesterday (2 February) to explain the hilarious full story from 20 June last year.

You might not recognise her with all her clothes on but she told Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary that she’d left the house for the school run and to run a few errands.

But halfway through her supermarket shop, nature called and Lisa was absolutely bursting for the toilet.

When the hosts asked why she didn't empty her bladder before she left, she responded: "I don't think that far ahead - as we can see."

And, after rushing home, she made the horror realisation she had left her house keys inside, while she was anxiously crossing her legs on her doorstep.

But Rowland then spotted a window of opportunity, which she says was the 'only option' for her to get into her property.

Lisa Rowland is the woman in the hilarious viral video.

She hatched a plan with her sister Lisa which involved her getting a leg up off the windowsill and slipping through the open window - while her sibling comically balanced one of her legs on her shoulders.

But as she was hoisted upwards, it soon became clear that her legs wouldn't fold through as she expected.

Donning a bandeau maxi dress, Rowland struggled to slide through as she intended and got stuck half in, half out of the tiny window - but then things really went t*ts up.

When the fabric of her dress got caught up in the mess, it lowered itself and left Lisa exposed.

That's because the fabric of her dress had got caught up in the kerfuffle and ended upside down with her naked chest on full display, all while Aretha Franklin's 'I Say a Little Prayer' is playing in the background.

Hosts Alison and Dermot were left in stitches.

Her sister was doubled over in laughter and admitted she gave up trying to help

as soon as 'the left one' also emerged from inside the dress.

"When I turned around and actually saw her lills hanging out it was like...I was completely dead," Lisa laughed.

But here comes the worst part, as you remember, the mum really needed a wee.

She told Alison and Dermot: "I weed. Yeah. I did. I couldn't move, I was hanging like a bat. When I fell to the ground covered in urine, I think I was past the point of panic! I think I'd passed every point."

Her sister chimed in: "She come out the house and she was like literally, it's gone down my neck. I couldn't breathe, there was nothing I could do."

When asked if she had also lost control of her bladder, the sister said 'no comment' - but you can hardly blame her if she did p*ss herself while that's going on.

Yep, she p**sed herself.

Luckily for us, Lisa's partner decided to film the whole thing as she knew it was 'going to go one of two ways', however, it wasn't any of them who shared the footage online.

Lisa said: "I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or lie. When I saw the amount of positive comments....the response, everyones just like - the laughter! I love a bit of laughter. If it's laughter it's all good.

"We didn't put it on any social media, we sent it between my mum's friends. Some woman - cheers Ruth in Northern Ireland! No one knows her, we don't know her, we don't know how she got it. But thank you Ruth, we've had a nice day out out of it."

Rowland has now started wearing her house keys on an elastic around her neck to ensure she never ends up in a similar situation again, as one whirl through the window while drenched in her own wee is enough to last her a lifetime.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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