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This Morning viewers stunned as woman ‘moans down the phone’ on live TV

This Morning viewers stunned as woman ‘moans down the phone’ on live TV

A live phone call with a viewer named Jane took a strange turn as viewers are convinced she starting 'moaning' on the show.

This Morning almost ventured into NSFW territory as viewers are convinced a caller had ‘an orgasm live on TV’.

The daytime ITV series has had its fair share of cheeky moments, from the time Holly Willoughby was told to hold an item ‘six inches away from her face’ to Gino D’Acampo apparently suggesting that a viewer should have a threesome with their father.

Yep, for a mid-morning show, This Morning can be quite risqué.

However we're willing to bet no one watching at home on Wednesday (19 July) or in the studio could have guessed the reactions to a viewer's live phone call. Watch the video above but perhaps turn the sound down if you're in public.

Vanessa Feltz gave Jane some much-needed advice.

During the agony aunt segment with Vanessa Feltz, a woman named Jane called asking for help regarding a brewing disagreement between her sister and niece.

Jane explained the clash arose over a handbag they didn't want her to wear to her niece's wedding because it clashed with the bridesmaids' dressed.

What started out like a bridezilla story soon took a cheeky turn as Feltz started to share her two cents, with Jane replying 'mmmm' with each point, which ended up sounding like 'moaning'.


We've all used 'mmmm' or some variation of it as a way to prove we're listening to the other person on the call - even if we're secretly daydreaming about lunch. It's basically the sound version of nodding or a shorthand way of saying 'I'm listening', 'carry on' or simply 'yes'.

However, Jane's 'mmmm's' do sound a little sus, or maybe we all need to get our minds out of the gutter.

Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond reacted to Jane's problem.

Viewers were in stitches laughing about the rather expressive moaning sounds and it became a big talking point on Elon Musk’s Twitter.

And let’s just say, people are letting their imaginations run wild…

“Did Jane just have an orgasim live on tv ahahahah!!

“What was with the sex noises over a handbag,” one viewer quipped.

Another fan of the show wrote: “What were those strange sounds Jane was doing over the phone?!”

After seeing the reactions on Twitter, another viewer penned: “Glad I’m not the only one hearing Jane moaning down the phone.”

A fourth asked the internet: “#ThisMorning is Jane the caller having an orgasm.”

Someone else joked: “Just Jane having an orgasm live on air. #ThisMorning.”

And another fan of the show tweeted: “Jane had too much coffee this morning?#thismorning."

Or perhaps Jane just really, really likes advice...

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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