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Today is the day Zack and Cody can dine at Italian restaurant after making reservation 15 years ago

Today is the day Zack and Cody can dine at Italian restaurant after making reservation 15 years ago

Cole and Dylan Sprouse made their names in the TV industry after famously playing twin brothers Zack and Cody.

If you ever watched the Disney Channel in the mid 2000s - chances are - you were obsessed with the hotel antics of twin brothers, Zack and Cody.

But only true fans of the Disney show will remember the episode where Zack and Cody go to get a reservation at the best restaurant in Italy - and why today (16 November) makes the scene so iconic.

Watch below to test your Suite Life knowledge:

Alongside the after-school classics - Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place - was the Suite Life franchise, starring Zack (Dylan Sprouse) and Cody (Cole Sprouse), who would regularly give hotel manager Mr Moseby (Phil Lewis) the runaround at one of Boston's famous, fictional hotels, the Tipton.

Now, the The Suite Life on Deck episode we are on about aired on 23 January, 2009, titled 'When in Rome...'.

While the twin brothers were visiting the Italian capital, they decided to go get a bite at Chef Gigi's restaurant.

After heading over to get a reservation, they were swiftly rejected by the head chef.

"I could squeeze you in at 7:30," Chef Gigi said, to which Cody replied: "Perfect."

Zack and Cody can finally dine at the 'best restaurant in all of Italy'.

However, the chef then shockingly concluded: "On November 16, 2023."

"But that's in 15 years!" Cody cried as Zack then said: "What if I don't feel like Italian that day?"

Things went from bad to worse as Mr Moseby walked into the restaurant and got a table straight away.

"Well, then you should have made reservations 15 years ago," the hotel manager joked.

Cody was not happy.

But yeah, today is indeed the day Zack and Cody can finally attend their reservation, as fans have been pointing out on the Disney Channel social media account.

"My inner child is currently healing," one person wrote, "I love that they remembered thissss."

Another added: "The fact that Disney Channel saw all of our posts and remembered this episode is amazing."

"The twins better do something for this make a short video something pls," a third suggested.

Zack isn't wrong here.

Others were simply shocked at how quickly 15 years can fly by, commenting: "It’s November 16th 2023!! How in the world has it been 15 years already feel like it was just yesterday."

"This is crazy I watched this when it aired and thought that seemed sooo insanely far in the future as a little kid and now I’m living it what?!?" someone else said.

Remember, time flies when you're having fun, so choose to stay bored and live forever.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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