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X-Factor Has Lowest Viewers In 14 Years And People Are Calling For It To End

X-Factor Has Lowest Viewers In 14 Years And People Are Calling For It To End

Are we all getting bored of TV talent shows? Has the time finally come when we're no longer interested in Darren from Scunthorpe and his life-long dream of making people happy with the power of his voice? For me, once the truly awful auditionees have been filtered out in the first few rounds, the show loses its appeal and it seems like others might be getting a little tired of the concept, too.

Well, if the recent ratings are anything to go by, because last Sunday's X Factor was the lowest rated episode in the show's 14-year history.


The long-running talent show pulled in just 4.6million viewers, for some context this is almost two million fewer viewers than the first Sunday show back in 2016.

Last year's winner Matt Terry reckons the show could benefit from taking a little break to get viewers interested again. He told the Mirror: "It's an amazing show and I think in the UK you don't realise how much you love somebody or something until it's gone, so I think it would work if they gave it a year off.


Judge Simon Cowell wasn't at last week's sure, due to an injury. Credit: PA

"Everyone would be saying where's X Factor? It could do it the world of good - you always want what you haven't got and you'll miss it when it's gone."

Last weekend's X Factor shows were broadcast without Simon Cowell, who was recovering at home after reportedly falling down the stairs, so maybe the lack of Cowell was a factor in the viewing figures.

Over on the BBC, its annual dancing competition, Strictly Come Dancing aired a Sunday results show, which did better with an average of 9.6million viewers.

But neither show could compete with David Attenborough's latest offering, Blue Planet II, also broadcast on Sunday and which had 10.3million viewers. Quite right, too, it's fucking brilliant.

Blue Planet II reeled in loads of viewers (sorry). Credit: BBC/Blue Planet II

Viewers were treated to the most ambitious under-sea documentary series ever, I mean, we've had to wait 16 years, so it's the least we deserve. The battle between bird and fish was a particular viewer-highlight. With fans flocking to Twitter to praise the show and confirm that it absolutely lived to the hype.

We don't have too long to wait for the second instalment, either - it's on later tonight.

Source: BBC; The Mirror

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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