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Jedward Celebrate X Factor's End After Claiming Show 'F***ed Over' Artists

Jedward Celebrate X Factor's End After Claiming Show 'F***ed Over' Artists

Jedward featured on The X Factor in 2009, and are among many other stars to have criticised Simon Cowell's musical reality show

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Jedward have become the latest celebrities and former contestants to celebrate the end of The X Factor, having already claimed that the musical reality TV programme left artists 'f***ed over'.

Simon Cowell, the man behind production company Syco and judge on the show, announced that the show would be ending due to dwindling audience figures and less success for recent winners of the show.

John and Edward Grimes, better known together as Jedward, competed in the show back in 2009 and are obviously not sad to see it perish, as they tweeted: "X Factor has been axed Mission Complete."

They've been open in the past about their struggles on the show, and ranted against Cowell and the rest of the X Factor folks.


Back in April, Jedward posted a series of tweets railing against the show, in which they wrote: "We're sending courage and strength to all artists being f***ed over! It ends now.

"Eating disorders and depression are very common in the music industry and it's because nobody cares about the artist's mental health, only the money!"

Following their latest tweet, the pair appeared on ITV News, with John saying: "If it wasn't for the show we'd be winning Grammies.

"I feel like it gives a bad light on you and people try to narrowly define you by it. It's been 10 years, we write and produce our own and I know we started there, but I feel like they were always trying to hold you back from where you first began on the show.

"I feel a lot of people have been exploited on the show, people behind the scenes, different contestants have come forward and shared their stories."

Another former contestant, 2010's Katie Waissel, also shared the news on Instagram with the hashtags 'journey for justice', 'gratitude', and 'break the cycle'.

Waissel has previously claimed that she was sexually assaulted by a former employee of the show whilst in a hotel in the USA.

She claims that assault left her 'paralysed with shock', but an investigation conducted by Syco didn't result in anything, and the man - who no longer works for the company - has denied any wrongdoing.

Waissel did not progress her complaint any further because she was pregnant at the time and didn't want to pile further stress onto herself.

2010 winner Matt Cardle and finalist Cher Lloyd have also criticised the show, with Lloyd referring to the 'controlling' nature of the show, and Cardle said that the time after the show was 'hell' for him.


While the show hasn't aired since 2018, 61-year-old Cowell and his co-presenters used to enjoy viewing figures of up to 12 million people on a Saturday night.

The show has created some genuine stars in the past, as well as some seriously odd characters, but the last winner of the show - 24-year-old Dalton Harris - hasn't enjoyed the success that past winners have.

An audience of 17.2 million people watched Cardle take the 2010 crown ahead of One Direction, whereas just 5.3 million tuned in to see Harris take the top spot last time out.

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