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Viewers All Make The Same Demand After Watching ITV's The 1% Club

Viewers All Make The Same Demand After Watching ITV's The 1% Club

Viewers are saying the same thing after seeing ITV's The 1% Club.

After seeing ITV's The 1% Club, fans are saying the same thing.

When you watch a quiz show, it's pretty much a given they'll be some guesswork involved; you might not know all the answers, but you should be able to see all of the questions.

However, in the new series of Saturday night quiz show, hosted by Lee Mack, many viewers all saw the same issue – or rather the issue was what they didn't see.

The new series sees '100 contestants compete, but in order to win up to 100,000 pounds they will need to answer a question only 1 of the country can get right.'

Sounds like a fun premise, right?

And it was, with fans quick to praise the show and Mack's hilarious quips keeping viewers entertained.

"The 1% club is the highlight of my Saturdays uno #1percentclub," one user beamed. Others liked the difficulty of the questions: "Just watched last night's #The1PercentClub & at the 1% question I paused it for ages. Just needed time. My husband gave up. But then after 5 or so minutes: I got it."

We prefer multiple choice answers, but fair enough.

And the show clearly reveals a lot about the British psyche, with another saying: "I cannot fathom that 10% of the British population think carrots grow on trees? #1percentclub."

Still, a lot of people pointed out one pretty big, or small, issue.

As one user pointed out in a screen shot: "@ITV #The1PercentClub - How on earth are we meant to play along at home if we can’t read the questions? We do not need to see the audience or the host, we want to play along!"

Another said: "Anyone watching the one percent club and thinking why they can’t make the questions bigger so it’s easier to read only 1% of people can see some of those questions."

And a third said: "#1percentclub me watching the show because the writing that small."

Others said: "Almost every tweet about #The1PercentClub is about the annoying shrinking graphics. Please sort it out if there's another series or develop an app so we can play along at home more easily. #frustrating."

At this point, we'd recommend getting some of those theatre binoculars, dressing up and making a whole evening of the quiz.

Although you might not want to do that every Saturday, or hungover Sunday, so here's hoping they sort the font size soon.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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