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Richard Hammond Shows Off His X-Ray And Scars From 'The Grand Tour' Crash

Richard Hammond Shows Off His X-Ray And Scars From 'The Grand Tour' Crash

As you all know, Richard Hammond was involved in a huge crash over the weekend, binning a £2 million concept car while filming The Grand Tour.

Fortunately it soon became apparent that the incident hadn't taken too much of a toll on Hammond, despite Jeremy Clarkson saying it was one of the worst crashes he's ever seen.


He wrote: "It was the biggest crash I've ever seen and the most frightening but incredibly, and thankfully, Richard seems to be mostly OK."

Hammond himself also posted a video from his hospital bed and it'll please all fans to know that he's in high spirits, joking about the incident.

He begins the video: "Hello, and yes it's true - I've binned it... Again."

Credit: DriveTribe/Richard Hammond


Now he's shown off the injuries he got from the crash on his DriveTribe blog: Hammond's Fob Jockeys.

It was reported that he suffered a fractured knee, which turned out to be a heavy break which needed a metal 'Swiss Army Knife' in it.

Hammond wrote: "I'm pleased to announce that after two sleepless nights and several hours' surgery, my Swiss Army Knee is finished and works. It bends in the middle and whilst a problem at airport security, is at least rustproof.

"Being a Swiss Army Knee it may even contain attachments to meet some of the basic tasks outlined in the weird office-boy fantasy outlined in Clarkson's recent post. We must give him some leeway though, he'd been up quite early looking for a crayon.

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​Richard Hammond Opens Up About His S**t-Scary 'Grand Tour' Crash

​Richard Hammond Opens Up About His S**t-Scary 'Grand Tour' Crash

"Back in action soon."

Credit: DriveTribe/Richard Hammond

It doesn't look pleasant, but at least he's up and not suffering too much.

Back in 2006 when he crashed a 288mph rocket car he sustained brain injuries, loss of memory, depression and difficulties with emotional experiences and still returned to Top Gear for more high speed fun, so it doesn't look as if this is going to hold him down.

Tough cookie for a little bloke, isn't he?

We don't yet know when The Grand Tour returns for its second season, but that'll be when we get to see exactly what's happened.

Clarkson and May had to keep filming after watching their mate write off the Rimac Concept One, which means the show much go on.

However, Hammond obviously won't be about for filming in the near future, so there might be a delay on the show.

Anyway, speedy recovery, Hamster.

Featured Image Credit: DriveTribe/Richard Hammond

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