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Chaos Ensues After Girl Enlists Help Of Pornstar To Catch Boyfriend Cheating

Chaos Ensues After Girl Enlists Help Of Pornstar To Catch Boyfriend Cheating

A woman enlisted the help of a YouTube channel to test her boyfriend but the whole thing blew up in her face.

The unnamed woman was on To Catch A Cheater, a YouTube-based show which has amassed a cult following. The idea of the 'test' was to have a porn star approach her boyfriend and attempt to get him to cheat.

Check it out if you have time, otherwise there are spoilers below...


So, the lad is having none of it, and declines to even speak to her at the beginning. He seems to take pity on her when she says she has nowhere to stay and says that they could hang out 'with other people'.

Fair enough. However, once he hears that she's a pornstar and is looking for a dress rehearsal - he seems to waiver. Especially when she says she 'doesn't care' that he has a girlfriend.

His conscience seems to get the better of him in the end, and he leaves.

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The girlfriend says she has 'mixed feelings' about how he responded to the pornstar's advances, but says that she isn't going to break up with him. She then rings her fella and tells him what's happened.

Understandably, the bloke is a bit offended and he tells her he's done and hangs up on her.

The episode ends with the woman exclaiming: "Are you f*cking kidding me? That's how he breaks up with me after a f*cking year?"

Maybe she should've trusted him in the first place.


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